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By SnackHouse · May 8, 2015 ·
  1. SnackHouse
    Mata Hari is my EE hen. She is shy but sweet and I call her my Chicken Muffin! she loves my iPad for some reason...
    Mata Hari looking at the camera.

    A Photoshop image of Mata Hari.

    Mata Hari looking for food.
    Josephine is my Black Sex Link (AKA Black Star) hen. She loves to follow me around and play with anything I am wearing! She wants to be leader of the flock but is too young and inexperienced.
    Josephine staring me down.

    My old BYC avatar.

    Josephine keeping out of the mud.
    Clara is my Phoenix pullet. She. Can. Fly. No really! She can or at least, as much as a chicken can fly. She loves being with Amy and will scream her head off if she can't find her.
    Clara hanging out in the garden with Amy.
    Clara with a hat.
    Clara in the mud.
    Amelia (Amy) is my Golden Polish pullet. She has to run to keep up with Clara, and she can't really see because of all that fluff. She looks disturbingly like a roo.
    Amy wearing her headband.
    Amy yawning.(Not Crowing!)
    Amy wearing a hat.
    Rose is my White Cochin pullet. If there is anything more fluffy I have not seen it. She loves to roll in dirt or anything else for that matter. She will sit on your lap and let you pet her, And when she runs it's more like a waddle.
    Rose staring at me like a stalker.
    Rose rolling in dirt.
    Rose with a hat.
    Rose after a foot bath.

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