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By little farmer · Dec 20, 2012 · ·
  1. little farmer
    Well, one night my Dad said that he had a project for me. I thought 'Oh no........' But, he said 'For about two weeks we're gonna babysit someone's chickens.' I thought 'YES! CHICKENS!!' So, on the following Saturday we brought home two Barred Plymouth Rocks (one a bantam) and two New Hampshire Reds. The bantam Barred Plymouth Rock (who would soon be Junior) was the friendliest. I warmed right up to her. I started to like the second BPR (who would soon become Snapperston) The two New Hampshire Reds (who would become Bisquick and Buttermilk) were not very lovable and ran when you would try to pet them. Two weeks later, the guys calls and says he doesn't want his chickens. Well, my Dad was raised on a farm with 50,000 chickens and did NOT want to keep anymore. So, we would sell them. Well, we didn't. I convinced them to let them stay. Bisquick, Buttermilk, Snap, and Junior are my four lovable chickens. And Bisquick and Buttermilk (who are the NHRs) are just as lovable as the two others. Snap, I have to say is the most playful. She'll follow me around, she'll talk to me, and when I snap or clap she comes running. As do the others along with her. :) Snap is a reliable hen and watches over Junior, her little banty sister, from being pecked by the other girls. Snap doesn't really care about the pecking order. She's very carefree, but gets offended when someone hurts her little Junior.
    [​IMG] this is Junior

    [​IMG] And my Snapperston

    [​IMG] Bisquick

    [​IMG] Buttermilk

    [​IMG] Snap. :)

    [​IMG] Snap. Again. :D

    [​IMG] And these are all of 'em (from left to right) Buttermilk Junior Snap Bisquick

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  1. little farmer
  2. chickens 4 ever
    Aw I remember when you surprised me and showed me them :)
  3. little farmer
    Oh. :p I'm so clueless. Umm, they were probably six to eight months when we got them. Probably around six or close to seven though.
  4. earlybird10842
    No, I wasn't talking about the pics, I was wondering how old they were when you got them.
  5. willowbranchfarm
  6. Chicks Galore3
    Aw, cute! The last pic is adorable!
  7. MsBagawkbagawk
    Awww! How sweet! :) I love that last picture! :D
  8. little farmer
    Well, the one of Junior was just a couple days ago and the others are about a month or two ago, and the last one is probably taken a couple months ago.
  9. earlybird10842
    CUTE!! SWEET! I like the story of how you got them. How old were they then?

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