So You Want To Breed Bettas

By Kevin565 · Feb 14, 2012 · ·
  1. Kevin565
    Are you thinking about Breeding Bettas? There's a lot more research needed than you may know.

    Here we go:


    1. Breeding Bettas is easy they're just fish
    A: Actually breeding Bettas can be quite challenging.

    2. I can just throw a male and female and female together
    A: NO. It is not nearly that simple

    3. You can breed them at any time

    A: NO. They both need to be properly conditioned.


    1. Condition your female properly. Give her better quality food as well as consider giving her life food.

    2. Make sure your male has made a adequate bubble nest. If there is no bubble nest he is not ready to breed.

    3. Have a nursery TANK Prepared. You can not raise fry in a vase or small container. The minimum i would suggest is a 10 gallon.

    4. Have your filter ready. I DO NOT mean your regular filter. Fry will be caught in this and die. You will need a sponge filter. These can be purchased for less than 10 dollars or homeade.

    5. You will need your Live Food ready for the fry. You CAN'T feed them fish flakes this young. They will not eat them and they will die.

    6. Be aware that when fry reach a certain age the males will have to be separated. Each batch is usually well over 50 fry.

    7. Figure out what your going to do with your fry BEFORE you breed. Don't expect your LFS to accept the baby fry. Many will not buy your fry until they are a few weeks old.

    Types Of Bettas:

    Double Tail: [​IMG]

    Veil Tail: [​IMG]

    Spade Tail: [​IMG]

    Delta Tail: [​IMG]

    Super Delta Tail: [​IMG]

    Half Moon Tail: [​IMG]

    Rose Tail: [​IMG]

    Plakat: [​IMG]

    Crown Tail: [​IMG]

    Half Sun Tail:

    Comb Tail: [​IMG]

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