So you're thinking about raising chickens...

Before getting started, follow this checklist!!!
By Ash1974 · May 3, 2019 ·
  1. Ash1974
    Here are a few easy steps to follow that will be prepared:(Before getting any chickens.)

    1) Make sure you won't be breaking any by-laws.
    2) Calculate size of coop you will need & size of run.(Base on number of chickens & size at maturity.)
    3) Build your coop & run. Don't forget to adequately ventilate your coop and add heat source(s) & insulation(based on climate) and feeding & watering system/dishes.(Water may need to have a heater to prevent freezing in winter.)
    4) Research the different breeds to find the breed(s) that suit your needs & personal preferences.
    5) Find a "Reputable" dealer to get your feed & chooks from/through.(A reputable dealer will also be able to advise you on best practices to keep your birds healthy & know their products.)
    6) Once you have your chooks home, spend time with them(they look to you to know what's best for them & will happily bond with you).
    7) The best way to keep them happy & healthy is to make sure their coop & run is kept clean & safe(free of debris and rodents) and that they are well fed & have clean water. And the more time & attention you give them, the happier they will be. Some breeds are very intelligent & may surprise you(our Rhode Island Red's surprised us, very easily trained).

    I hope this list helps you.

    Happy homesteading!!!

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    "Good checklist"
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    Good list of things to think about before getting chickens. Being well prepared is always best.
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    "Quick "Short List" for starting out"
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    Basic and easy to read - a good starting point for new "chicken tenders."


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