We have 4 black australorp mix hens. The free range in a tractor and are also free loaders. These hens are 6 onths old and will just not lay an egg!
I am obsessed with checking on my hens. I rake poop, compost bedding, feed them kitchen scraps and have discovered that urban small holding is not as romantic as I dreamed that it would be in college! Actually, it's quite expensive!

Fly management alone can break the bank, not to mention, fruit flies and whiteflies from compost, food grade DE, feed for hens, supplies to build tractor, poison for mice that have found their way and the battle of the possum and feral cats who have found their way to our urban home:)

So here are my hens, no eggs, barely any combs or wattles. Tell me what ya think, 6 months or did I pay $25 each for hens that were more like 3 or 4 months?