Complete newbie trying to get a coop organized . I just got a largish rabbit hutch. These pictures are before I got it to my place and cleaned it up. Still working on figuring out how to make it a nice home for buff orpingtons and wyandottes...but don't have them yet (next week?) so...
I have just put the small thumbnail sized pictures in for now. Right now it is apart in two pieces and is sitting roughly where I expect to keep it (had wanted a mobile coop but rethought that because our half acre is not that easy to move a coop about on.
The inner dimensions of the coop: back section is 83" (210.82 cm) long and 28" wide (71.12 cm) the height at the tallest inside is 32" (81.28 cm) and the shortest 23" (58.42 cm).

update: only ended up using the back part of the hutch for main coop, may use the front part as a chicken jail/hospital/brooder???
The Before Pictures:

O.k. those were the before pictures and uh...I have had it moved to my place and have cleaned it but the chicks 2 days ago and can't stop watching 'chicktv'...also have really been helped by members of the forum when one of them was sickly from a case of 'pasty butt' she seems fine now and even though she is at the bottom of the pile (literally often) she is a feisty little creature. Anyway, below is last nights slumber party.

This is a picture of the chick formerly known as miss pasty butt droopy drawers. Here she is pretending to play hide and seek but we know she is really so embarrassed by the state of her tail end having suffered the indignity of having it thoroughly wetted and then a q-tip of vaseline applied around her vent. She has moved on however and has the honour of being the first (and most) named of my chicks since she is a little Sputnik that likes to get up on the feeder (no one else does this) and orbit it.