Some Chicken Photographs

By Shadrach · Oct 21, 2018 · ·
  1. Shadrach

    Mel and Treacle after a hawk attack. Mel and treacle after hawk attack.JPG

    Mini Minx and chicks. Mini Minx and chicks.JPG

    Fat Bird on the computer, my late email reply excuse. Fat Bird.JPG

    Cillin Cillin.JPG

    Ruffles Ruffles.JPG

    Fudge and chicks Block, Tackle and Twine Fudge with Block and Tackle and one.JPG

    Blue Spot with Punch and Pinch Blue Spot, Pinch and Punch.JPG

    Donk with Knock and Wood Donk with her two chicks.JPG

    Pinch and Punch practicing pro tree hugging Pinch and Punch.JPG

    Harold and Blue Spot. Pinch and Punch under Blue Spots wings. Harold and Blue Spot with Pinch and Punch their kids under her wing.JPG

    Ruffles with Mel and Tarn Mel, Ruffles and Tarn (Large).JPG

    Otic Otic.JPG

    Dink with Donk and Dent Dink with Donk and Dent a few days old (Large).JPG

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Recent User Reviews

  1. ypease
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Feb 1, 2019
    Great pics of the family. What great names. I only have hens in my flock and we are now down to 5 ladies. I pick themes for names. We had the Spice Girls: Ginger, Pepper & Chili (Golden Wyandotte’s).The Blonde Bombshells: Christina Aguilera & Gwen Stefani (Buff Orpington)
  2. Hardknockshomestead
    "Creative names!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Nov 28, 2018
    I love the photos and the creativity of the chicken names that the author picked out.
    Great pics of different chickens with different backgrounds!
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  3. alexa009
    "Beautiful Flock!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Nov 1, 2018
    A beautiful flock with creative names.
    Shadrach likes this.
    1. Shadrach
      They're a bunch of Mutts, but I think they are lovely.
      Thanks for looking.


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  1. ChristianChicken
    They are so lovely!!! I love them and their names!!! What a cute bunch.
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    1. Shadrach
      Now you know why I asked how long it took you to name yours. Thanks for looking.
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  2. Shadrach
    Hey MROO.
    I’m pleased you like the pictures.
    Picking names was fairly easy at the start. Major, for example got named because of his status and general demeanor.
    Mini Minx is a character from a comic that was published when I was a kid.
    As more chicks hatched I had to start thinking a bit harder for names.
    Otic, she got attacked when she was a chick and driven out of the group. The needed antibiotics for a wound she received so ‘otic’ seemed the best obvious choice.
    Cillin is the son of otic. Being a male I couldn’t call him peni from penicillin so he got called Cillin.
    Block, Tackle and Twine got their names from their behavior when they were chicks. At feeding time Block used to work his way sideways around the food bowl effectively blocking his sister out until he had finished the best bits. His sister, Tackle used to dive under his body to get at the food. Twine got named Twine because he was always getting caught in my trouser legs as he tried undoing my boot laces.
    Ruffles used to ruffle up to fight her siter when she was a chick.
    Mel is the name for honey in Catalan and she’s the right colour.
    Fudge is her sister and her colour is a bit lighter.
    Dink is a slang term in English for small imperfection on a face of a material. Donk and Dent are also similar words for such imperfections.
    Some others in Dink’s family are Rip, Tear, Notch, Crease.....
    I’ll post some more pictures with captions at some point.
    Thanks for looking.
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  3. ChickenObsession
    Well such pretty photographs and that rooster looks like he means business I'm so glad your chicken survived after that Hawk Attack I go outside every day and spent a long time looking for Hawks
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    1. Shadrach
      He was a bit of a handful when we first got to know each other, He was the first rooster to try and flog me. It took a little effort for us to reach an understanding and he never did it again. He became one of the easiest roosters to get on with after we had reached an understanding. He and I used to sit on the same wall together for many years later watching the rest of the chickens. I was very sad when he died
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