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By TroyerGal · Mar 12, 2017 · Updated Mar 25, 2017 · ·
  1. TroyerGal
    I have met a TON of people on BYC... And I love em all!!! So I decided to make a list of my BESTEST BYC friends. Let me know if I left you out! It definitely wasn't intentional [​IMG] These are not in order of bestieness


    I met TheKindaFarmGal on my chat thread a few weeks ago.. She is just SO sweet, loves (and I mean LOVES) to tease, and is just incredibly fun to have around!! I love that she is also a Christian, Homeschooled, and an animal lover, just like me!! [​IMG]

    Bills vs Beaks:
    @Bills vs Beaks

    I met Bills vs Beaks back in August of last year... He offered some help on a thread I started in the "ducks" section of the site, where he can ALWAYS be found, blabbering about his ducks and talking about their many virtues. Since we have met, we talk on a daily basis, and I am SO HAPPY to report, I met him in real life today!!!!! Just so y'all know, he is just as awesome and funny in real life as he is online [​IMG] He always makes me laugh, and he always leaves me with a HUGE smile on my face. I feel SO very blessed to have met him. [​IMG]

    Micah Wotring:
    @micah wotring

    I met Micah when I first commented on his profile back in December. Micah is probably THE funniest guy on the face of the Earth.. I always say, if I happen to keel over from laughter, it's ALLLLL his fault!! We don't talk super often, but when we do, I get my dose of humor that lasts a lifetime!! [​IMG]

    Bird Wrangler:

    I don't quite remember when I first met Will... But in the time I have known him, he has been a great friend!! I enjoy hearing about his involvement in the Sea Cadets, reading his blog, and seeing pictures of his adorable dog, Sugar. [​IMG]
    **this just in!! I met him in September of last year :)**

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  1. TheKindaFarmGal
  2. ChickenCowboy02
    No. I wasn't stalking. XD
    You meet Sam AND Will in real life?! O_O Whoa.
  3. TheKindaFarmGal
    Chicken. But I love ducks, too!
  4. birdwrangler057
    Are you a chicken or a duck person, @TheKindaFarmGirl ?
  5. TheKindaFarmGal
    Awww, thanks Savannah!! Yeah, I luv to tease. XD

    And Beaks - er, Bills. You definitely blabber! Not that I blame you, those ducks of yours are adorable!
  6. TroyerGal
    Oh, yeah..!! Cool :D
  7. birdwrangler057
    NO, your so nice!! (JK) yep, I've known you almost as long as BvB.
  8. TroyerGal
    No, YOU'RE so nice!!
    Oh, really?? I've known you that long? WOW!! *high five*
  9. birdwrangler057
    By the way, you met me last September.
  10. birdwrangler057
    Awww, Thanks for adding me! Your so nice.
  11. birdwrangler057
    Your definitely a duck fanatic BvB. I hope I'm one of your besties.
  12. TroyerGal
    You blabber bout ducks...

    And thank you, btw.
  13. micah wotring
    You blabber. You definitely blabber. a duck! Ha! That looks like it hurts...wanna bandage?
  14. Bills vs Beaks
    You're very sweet Savannah but.... I don't "blabber"
  15. micah wotring
    :D Thanks Savannah!

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