Some of my favorite breeds

  1. Gracethechick
    this is in no particular order, it’s just what breeds I enjoyed having in the past and what seems like a good breed in the future:)
    Buff Orpingtons or Orpingtons in general, I only had buffs but they were sweet and always helped me dig in the yard under leaves and stuff like that, chickorelly was one and she was definitely one of my favorites, she had a very sweet personality.
    Old English game, I had some and they were really sweet and friendly, easy to tame and hold ( after I had to chase them down to catch them) but after that they were sweet and would talk to me when I held and cuddle them, they’re sweet clucks, especially gracy with how she said “fiddle sticks”
    Phoenix, I had 2 originally, both tiny little bantam chicks and 1 died as a chick, while the other lived and turned out to be a long-tailed beautiful boy who was really sweet and he was one of my favorite Roos.
    Japanese bantams, I had one, she was a white black tailed hen with my other bantams, one day she disappeared and my neighbors found her sitting on eggs in they’re yard and didn’t mind her being there. Her name was snow and she was very sweet and tiny, she was the first to sit on eggs while the others just all layed in the same place, unless someone chooses a different place ( they were free ranged in a neighborhood full of older neighbors that were all ok with the chickens entering they’re yard, they liked watching them while they visited them.)
    Amariconas, loved they’re personalizes and colored eggs with their fluffy cheeks.
    There is more I would add cuz the list just goes on and on, probably gonna continues this list later.

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