Some stories, pictures etc. of my chickens

By ChickenDrama14 · Aug 15, 2013 · Updated Aug 16, 2013 · ·
  1. ChickenDrama14
    Sweet story of my chicken!!!

    One of my hens i had she was really pretty and when i pick her up she will just sit in my hand and she lets me pet her and she wouldn't fly off of my hand till she had gotten tire of sitting there and she was an amazing hen and about maybe three weeks ago she passed away:( But to me she had an amazing life she got to be a mother she had gotten love and care and i really miss her because she was one of my first chickens. but i still have her kids and they are great and i will love them like i loved there mom.

    Funny story about all my chickens!!!![​IMG]

    My mom had just got home from work and we were throwing a golf ball to our cat because he likes to chase balls sometimes and instead of my cat my chickens started to chase it any where we threw it in the yard and every time my mom threw it till they got tired of chasing.

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  1. ChickenDrama14
    my cable that i download the pictures off my phone to the computer with i can not find right now but once i find it i will put some picture of her on it.
  2. Whittni
    Those would be cool!
  3. chickenboy190
    Where are the pictures ?

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