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By sonally · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. sonally
    Our chicks will arrive in five days We are very excited! And nervous! We have ordered two Buff Orpingtons, two Barred Rocks, and two Golden Comet.The local feed stores have a six chick minimum.

    May 21,2011
    My chicken babies are nine/ten days old. I figure the Buffs are a day older than the rest. The feed store staff said some arrived a day early. They have grown so much in one week! They have wing feathers! We have raised the waterer and food dispenser. We added a CD rack-Perch. They have been using a branch and a wood scrap perch until today.
    I worry that two or three are roosters! I did not buy straight run. I was told there is an 85% hen rate. Let's hope.
    Well our flock has grown! We went to Ingleside Farm Chickenstock Fiesta and came home with two sweet Dominiques! Pullets.... Mrs V practically guaranteed it (90%).... but me, I have to fret. Now ,I think they BOTH are Baby Roosters! So, I think I have three roosters, today! Somedays, I let Bill convince me that they are all hens! They are big and gawky now.... kinda, like 8 year old boys.... They squabble and peep and purr (the Dominiques purr!) We need the run to be finished first, I think, they need to be outside in the nice weather. The chicken playpen is open to the sky and they are able to sneak under when a tasty bug is out of reach... so I have to stay out with them... with a finished run, they could be out and I could get some quilting and sewing done ! Or mow the lawn! Maybe we will be able to get some run done this weekend..... I need to win the lottery to pay for the hardware cloth!!!!

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