So I here I am, enjoying the BYC forum and trying to make a page to explain my love of turkeys (that my own family is still trying to figure out!!)

A little about me: I'm from Hudson Valley, NY - I've lived in Tn, Ca, and Fl, but always seem to find my way back home... I love animals, art (drawing and painting), the outdoors, fishing, and.. have I mentioned animals?

About my animals: I have one dog (Zoe), one cat (Evinrude), one horse (Lakota), and two turkeys, I had three but sadly I lost my best-feathered-friend. The turkeys don't have names yet, as I wanted to wait and be 100% sure of the sex! I'm hoping for a couple more turkeys... but now I'm sure that I have a tom (Royal Palm) and a hen (Slate Blue X Red Bourbon) and I'm wondering if I should just wait till spring for them to make me some more!! haha
So I've managed to keep my animal-obsession down to one-of-each (except for the turkeys!), but I still need to find a farm to put them all in! Ahh.. one day...

This is my first turkey, Meeper, as a little poult, about two weeks old. Already so handsome!