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    Hello everybody. My husband and myself moved about eleven months ago to a home on a lake. I have always wanted chickens and have been researching which kids would do best where we live (Northern Ontario Canada). We are going to get three or four barred rock chicks in the spring and I am looking for pointers about building a coop and run For the first year we may try spring through fall for the chickens just to make sure it works for us But we will build an insulated coop so iif we fall in love we can keep them for the winter. It gets very cold where we live and insulation and heat is important. I want a smaller coop with an attached run but hope they can free range when we are in the yard to watch over them. It is not a fenced property and we have to watch for critters. Any suggestions for a Canadian winter coop would be appreciated. I have a friend who would take the hens in the fall if we decide to wait until retirement to keep hens year round. But I have a feeling we won't be able to give them up. Any suggestions????

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