Sore spot and chest issues

By cindagram · Dec 17, 2018 · ·
  1. cindagram
    I am having to issues with my six month old legbar.
    She has a bump on her neck with some black on it, perhaps blood? Not sure what to do…
    Her chest has been pecked at since I got her three months. It’s very hard and pretty hollow underneath.
    Super concerned because she has been very lethargic and puffing up her feathers for the past few days.
    She has been sleeping on the floor in the coop the last couple nights.
    She’s not really eating or drinking so I am giving it to her in a syringe right now.
    I will post some pictures. If there is any advice anyone has please share!

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  1. alexa009
    1. cindagram
      Oh gosh I’m sorry. I’m new here.
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    2. Yorkshire Coop
      @cindagram Don’t worry, we were all new once. If you start a new thread with the link above I’m sure you will get more answers there.
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