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South Central Montana Chickens

  1. project7030
    We're the McClennings: Nathan, Andrea, Brooke & Brayden
    We live in south central Montana with our 10 chickens, 1 whippet, 1 gerbil, and we will soon be adding a 4H lamb, and a couple alpacas.
    We got our chickens for the eggs and occasionally some meat. I soon found out that they are so much more than just birds laying eggs. I could sit and watch them for hours! I love love love my chickens!







    Penny (RIR), Hansel (WR), Phineas, & Louise (BR)


    Brayden & Millie Roo Roo

    Brooke & Thelma

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  1. BantamoftheOpera
    Your chickens are stunning.

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