Southbridge Farms

By ladybug99 · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. ladybug99
    SouthBridge Farms is located in central New Jersey. We are small, only 15 acres, but we have BIG dreams. We raise Welsummers for thier eggs. It is amazing how many people LOVE our beautiful terracotta eggs. We currently have 35 hens and 5 Beautiful Roosters, two of who were hatched out here. Lightning and Elliot were the only two chicks hatched on the farm last year and are probally the last.... we have decided incubation is not our thing!

    My chickens are not treated as pets, but enjoy large coops and out door runs. With treats almost every day and I would consider them very spoiled. We do not pick up our chickens, hug or cuddle them but we love them just the same.

    We have one very mean rooster, Brewster who is the King of the Coops, he will chase any and everyone out of his area, but he treats his ladies with the upmost respect, so we keep him around....Elliot and Lightning are Brewster's sons, they must take after thier mothers as they are very sweet natured boys... who by the way were recently moved to the bachelor coop as they are not as good with the ladies as thier daddy is. And then we have Rowdy and Cole.. my two roos who were suppose to be hens, they are growing into tall hansome fellas who take very good care of the girls.

    As for my hens... it is very difficult to visually tell them apart... and I affectionately call almost everyone of them momma or mommie and they all seem to respond to that just fine. But we do enjoy thier little cute personalities....when you spend enough time with them thier little personalities do shine!!

    This is Brewster
    My dog Spanky and one of the ladies when they were younger[​IMG]
    The girls love to "free range" when ever they can
    Momma and her wee one
    ... and we can't forget Tina Turner.. she was found in a friends back yard and has been an absolute joyful addition to our flock....such a sassy girl![​IMG]
    and a sample of our Terracotta eggs

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  1. judyki2004
    I enjoy this post! Beautiful hens!!! ( I want to have a red hen mines are black) Tina Turner is such a photogenic girl! and so is your lovely dog!!! Gorgeous eggs!!! Blessings
  2. anderson8505
    Great photos, love Tina!
  3. Lothiriel
    Tina's gorgeous! As well as your other birds, but Tina's just awesome. Congrats on the POW!
  4. kiaa
  5. drumstick diva
    Got a kick out of Tina
  6. Zinnia-Hen
    Hah, I almost named one of my Polishes Tina Turner. Cute pictures!
  7. ladybug99
    awww thanks guys Its an honor to be picked... I told Tina and she was excited too!!
  8. Nifty-Chicken
    Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! We wanted to post a quick note to say CONGRATS! we've chosen one of your pics for the POW. More info here: BYC POW
  9. itsmechrissy
    Thanks for sharing!
  10. parkerpeeps7
    Great pics! Love the "Tina Turner", what a perfect name for her!!!

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