Large Cast-Iron Skillet
1 1/2-2 cups of cornmeal
*if desired-chopped onion*
Lard or regular cooking oil
*if desired-corn 1/4 cup*
1 large egg

Cooking Instructions

1. grease your skillet with Lard or Cookin oil, if using lard, let it melt first. need about a good 1/4 cup total
2. mix cornmeal, buttermilk/milk until you have a good mixture, texture should be able to slide off your spoon, probably close to 1 cup total of milk
3. then add onion and corn if desired and mix thoroughly and egg
4. pour into greased skillet and bake until golden brown on top
5. let it cool before dumping out, or it will fall apart!

Tip: I never use exact measures, I just eyeball everything, just make sure your mixture isn't too runny or too thick
- for a buttery taste, cut in with fingers into plain cornmeal 1-2 tablespoons of butter, makes it moist and buttery! YUM!!
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