Southern Style Creamed Corn

By Taylor · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Taylor

    8 ears of desired corn
    6 strips of bacon
    large skillet
    salt/pepper to taste

    Cooking Instructions

    1. fry the bacon stips in the pan until crispy
    2. slice all corn off the cob into a large bowl
    3. go back w/ back of the knife and go down the cob, this gets all the delicious cream out of it. scrape it very good!
    4. drain bacon and leave all the bacon grease in the pan
    5. place all the creamed corn into the bacon greased skillet and cook until it is thick. about 20 min. stirring occasionally
    add salt pepper, just a few pinches of both
    6. then go back and crumble all the bacon on top of it and serve warm.


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