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By SouthernMiss · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. SouthernMiss
    My name is Kayla i am from a very small town in Mississippi. My mother (marie martin) is giving me my first two chicks this weekend. My fiancee has been working hard to create a simple coop for them and finally finished now we just have to attach a run. Im an animal lover of everything warmblooded!! As of now I have 3 dogs 1 cat a horse thats on our property and a fiancee and 3 year old little girl. I love the outdoors and have a soft spot for animals in need i tend to say " oh I will take it" anytime theres an animal that needs attention or to be fed My dream would be to have a large reservation type place to hold every stray i see on the side of the road, i wish i could help them all. I am new to chickens and any advice would be helpful.

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