My five little chickens. I bought day-old chicks based on breed looks and temperament. These chickens are pets, and I did have hopes of eating a few eggs. Since I think I have three roosters, that dream probably won't be quite as filling as I hoped!
From the left, Rocky is my Mottled D'uccle, who I think is a hen because she/he gets along very well with the Marans, Baby, who crows. Baby is supposed to be a Blue Marans?
My silkies are Pecky, the hen, and her harem, Pooh and Fluffy. Fluffy has pretty color variations on his chest... anyone know if there is a name for those colors on a Silkie? They come when I call them and will let me hold them when they are calm. None of them even peck my toes, which is the first time I've ever stood in a flock of chickens without being taste-tested. I'm very happy with them!
THEN... I took two roosters, Pooh and Baby to a new home. Brought home one hen, one pullet, and three chicks. My coop was attacked in the night three days later, killing Fluffy, Pecky, and the new pullet. Now I have Rocky, a Mottled D'uccle rooster, a new gray Silkie hen we've named Smokie, and three Marans chicks. Smokie has two eggs in her nest and since I have more coop room I am going to see if she can hatch them. They will be D'uccle/silkie crosses, and I can't wait to see what they look like! 10/29/11