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    SOUTH OF TIME we are a small farm located in Central Texas where we feed the best grains and organic vegetables and fruits and berries to our ULTRA RARE Poultry, Peafowl and Game birds. They get plenty of fresh air and sunshine and can hunt for all the bugs and grass they want to boot. They do have very large pens with homes to keep them safe and protected from praetors along with two WORLD CH. Old English Sheep Dogs. We also use Night guard and suggest that you do too.

    When we start off it is with the very best breeders in the United States, spending a lot of time and money; we acquire the very best breeding stock available. From then on out it is a process of elimination. We then go thru hatching hundreds of chicks, picking and choosing the very best for the ultimate flock. This in return guarantees you, very healthy, robust and thriving poultry.

    I'm a Lawyer that went on with a second degree as in Clinical Psyche. with my "Doc." PHD. now just loving my country live, family and friends and of course all of my beautiful Ultra Rare Poultry. We are proud members of the APA, ASBA, Serama Club, United Orpington Club, ASA and the Marans Club of America Poultry we are NPIP Certified. Many are true exhibition lines. We hope that you will enjoy owning some of the most beautiful and great personality of the poultry world that we have to offer. We strive to give great service, great prices and education on each and every one of our birds. As they say in the South “Tis a land not to be forgotten, don’t look away” way down SOUTH OF TIME where you will find the most unique poultry from around the World that has the best of personal care and so will you and that is hard to compare.

    Show Quality Barnevelder,French Black Copper Marans, Extreamly Rare Blue Birchen Marans.
    Malaysian Serama A++ show Quality, Silk Serama, Lavender Silkie, Bluegene-Salmon Faverolles (Critical List),
    Citron Hamburgs, Lavender, Black and Splash Aruacana Standard, English Choc.Bantam Aruacana. Black/Splash/Blue Bantam Aruacana. Swedish Flower Hens, Blue -Brenda, Buckeye,
    PURE ENGLISH Diamond Jubilee Orpington, PURE ENGLISH Choc. Orpingtons Bantam,
    Hink-jc Lavender Orpingtons,
    PureEnglish Double Barred Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons, Lavender Double Barred Cuckoo Orpingtons,
    Bantam Blue, Splash & Black Show quality Orpingtons (USA). Buff Lace Bahama,Gold Lace Bahama,
    Pure English Silver Sussex, Speckled Sussex, Russian Orloff (Endangered List),Tolbunt Polish, Icelandic,
    Peach, Silver Pied Split/peach,Midnight Black Shoulder Peafowl, Quail Texas A&M, Jumbo Brown. Till I import some more...
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