This all started as a birthday gift for an elderly neighbor because her daughter wouldn't let her have chickens
he sits and watches them all day unknow to me a city girl I have fell in love with them each day brings a new adventure.

we have 10 hens only 3 or old enough to lay now .4 rooters need to find home for 2 I bought them as staight runs so hopin to keep rhode islande red and the demqune together . a goose 4 ducks oh and 2 rabbits my roos are just now learn to crow each day they get a lil louder my neighbor is so excited. she runs over as soon as she sees me get up almost as a kid would in a candy store am so greatful to be able to bring joy in her life . If the world would stop and look around at the lil things maybe it would make a diffence. our babies bring joy and smiles in this hard world gods lil angels are all around in one form or the other.