Speckled Rocks

By highpointfarm · Aug 9, 2012 · Updated Aug 12, 2012 · ·
  1. highpointfarm
    Speckled rocks are a cross of Speckled Sussex and White Plymouth rocks! They hatched 8/9/12. Not sure yet how they will turn out. I am hoping white with brown speckling.

    This is Spot! She has these little black spots all over her... notice the one above her eye!



    The one on the left is spot, and the one on the right is sandy, due to her having light brown in her "fur"? :)


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  1. NYRIR
    Cool idea! Will be watching :)
  2. highpointfarm
  3. magsrags
    They will be interesting to watch!
    Try to take monthly pics so we can see how they morph into what they eventually look like.

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