Speckles Smarty Pants Vs Cat

By gurooh · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. gurooh
    Hello, this is a story about my chicken Speckles Smarty pants (a.k.a Speckles) and my cat Crazy Cat Cosmo. Please enjoy it is funny!
    P.S. The first part might be mean and disturbing, but it'll be funny after you pass that part.
    Speckles foraged in the dirt, looking for garbage. "Stop looking for waste, Smarty Pants." Bella teases Speckles. "i'm trying to help Olivia clean up our pen, Brackenmore Barfy." Speckles teases back. "Don't you tease my friend." Scaredy peeps harshly. "or else..." "or else what?" Speckles says. "or else i'll attack!" Scaredy peeps meanly. "nice going, Scaredy Pants." Speckles says. "Oh no...CAT! CAT!" Dodger peeps. Speckles looks at Cosmo bravely. "Whatcha doin', Crazy Cat?" "Hunting chickens, Smarty Pants." Cosmo snickers, unsheathing his claws. "Cool mittens." Speckles peeps, pecking one of Cosmo's paws. (lol see theres the funny part) "i like those nice toes ya got, too." Speckles pulls one of Cosmo's claws. "Owww!" Cosmo yowls, running away as fast as he could. "Yay! Three cheers for Speckles! Hooray! hooray! Hooray!" Lacy shrieks happily. "no prob." Speckles says.
    The end.

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