MaKeNa'S PaGe
My name is Makena Brown and I'm a ChIcKeN FANATIC!!!! I live in good old Alabama.My family ranges from gerbils to chickens. I also have the weirdest group of chickens in town. They can be a little crazy at times but I love them.

My flock consist of 28 beautiful but a little on the crazy side chickens.I love to just sit with them and listen to them.They even fight over who gets to sit in my lap.Well thats only a small part of my family. I also have 2 funky Persian cats. Percy the ''Fat Cat'' and Purdey the shy one.
Then theres my 2 dogs the fiesty Lily the terrier and Zoey a jackrussel. Last but not least is my gerbils Nala and Theodore. My 2 favorite chickens would be my Speedabug and Puffdaddy. I have had Speedy for 8 years now and hope to enjoy many more. The last few years hes gotten pretty grouchy. He also thinks he is human and hes the top dog. To bad hes the smallest of the gang.
Then Puffdaddy is my silkie rooster and the class clown of the bunch. He also has quite a sweet tooth. Especiaaly for ice cream and he will take by force.I hope you enjoyed my page and I will soon get some pictures up for everyone to see.