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By spezet · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. spezet
    Open-air, Free Range, Chickens.

    All my birds are kept in large pens, run free range, or in arc's which are moved daily on to clean land.

    Between each flock the houses are cleaned, disinfected and the pens either, re-seeded, grassed down or bedded down with grass cuttings or hay, depending on the time of year.

    I feed my birds a mixture of top pellets (a compleat feed mix), mixed grain, peas, beans and seed, when in season, as well as all the natural food, grit and minerals they get from the land. These birds when fully grown are very nice birds indeed, having being brought up the way nature has dictated and should be.

    I keep here at Kergotu a large range of breeds, French and British traditional duel purpose breeds, large table breeds, and high egg production breeds.

    The Cuckoo Maran, a traditional French duel purpose bird.

    The Light Sussex, a traditional British duel purpose bird.

    The Cobb 500 a large table bird.

    And the Isa, a high egg producing bird.

    As well as the above mentioned breeds, I also keep, breed, stock and show some ornamental breeds.
    Dorkings, Silver/Grey.
    Sebrights, Gold and Silver.

    Silkies, in colors, white, black and gold.

    Poland's, in colors, black and white.

    And the Houdan, in mixed colors.

    As well as these breeds, we have from time to time some very rare and unusual birds come in. These birds are by special order only, and I only let them go towards the end of the breeding or showing year. (Viewings for these birds and inquires may be made by appointment only).

    If your interested in any of the above or you have any questions or enquirers regarding my blog, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog, as time go's on I will be adding more pictures and details of what I'v been up to and how my show birds have done.

    Thank you, and please stop by again.

    Mark Fletcher.


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