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  1. spirit-newcinamon
    hey everyone[​IMG]
    my names ®Å¢Η€l
    i live in canberra, australia
    i love ALL animals. i have heaps of pets;[​IMG]
    my horse, spirit-
    -my 6 chooks
    --my 7 quails--
    my 10 goats, mudpuddle, sooty, nutmeg(nutty), ash, mable(may), new mummy hazzle, and new baby cinnamon (born 30/7) and 2 more new babies ebony(she is all BLACK!!!) and ginger (born 2/8) and my last baby pepper (4/8)
    ---my dog, jack---
    ---my 2 guniea pigs, belle, shilo---
    ---my budgie,robbie---
    ---i have 11 eggs in an incubator so fingers crossed.---
    i love my animals and all other animals.[​IMG]

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