Splash and Boots

  1. Chickenfan4life

    I got Boots at an Atwoods' feed store. She was the only Cochin that wasn't afraid of me. I loved her a lot, and held her all the time. The result is a wonderful young hen whom loves to cuddle.

    Boots on the right, Splash on the left

    Boots is gentle and tame. Her favorite treat is cherry tomatoes. She will leap up onto my lap or shoulder for these, and I am not kidding! :D Boots once laid her egg in my shoes, which I had left near the chicken coop when I put on my rubber boots to go into the coop in. When I put my shoe in, well, you know what happened next. It wasn't funny at first, but later it was funny. Boots is now a year and a half old, and still very much my favorite.


    Splash is a Cochin we got from a breeder. He was the one with most attitude. Ever since day one, he would run right up to you, tilt his head up, and give you a look that said "feed me!"

    He is a quite a character. I was once visiting the neighbors, some 2 acres away from our house, when I heard a loud "Bwaaaaaa!" This was Splash's signature sound, and it caused me and my neighbor to laugh pretty hard for some few minutes. Splash is now 1 year and 23 days old, and still a very funny guy!


    Thanks for reading their story! :)

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  1. mfpif16
    I love your pictures! Boots is so pretty!
  2. willowbranchfarm
    Cute pictures.
  3. BantamFan4Life
    You have BEAUTIFUL Birds!
  4. chickenpooplady
    They are beautiful!

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