Rocking S Farm

Hello and welcome to my BYC page. I am Sherry Foxworth and I live in beautiful southeast Texas in the National Big Thicket area. My small farm consist of Shetland Ponies, dogs, and chickens. I have been a horse breeder for 40+ years and have always had an interest in chickens, kept some on and off thru the years, and about a year ago I wanted to have a few chickens again. This time I order some pure bred Black Copper French Marans and Giant Blue Cochins to get started with. Lately I bought 24 fancy Bantam chicks that I am raising. They are Mille Fleur Belgium D' Uccles, Procelain D'Uccles, a few Sebrights and Bantam Araucanas.

I converted 2 of the pony stalls into chicken coops, for night shut up, and built an outdoor pen, but I let the chickens free range during the day and shut up at night. They are in my back yard literialy, where I spoil them with lots of treats and most have become pets. My two yard dogs, Annie and Gus (Aussies), are their protectors and the only thing I have to worry about is Red Tailed Hawks.

I love making pictures of my animals and when I learn to work this site more I hope to share lots with you.