Springfield Missouri Chicken Ordinance

Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
Max Chickens AllowedNot specified. No statement on roosters, but see noise ordinance.
Roosters AllowedYes
Permit RequiredNo
Coop RestrictionsMinimum of 144 square feet, 50 foot setback.
City/Organization Contact nameCity Clerk: Brenda Cirtin Busch Municipal Building Fourth Floor 840 Boonville Avenue Springfield, MO 65802 417.864.1650
Additional InformationFor verification, link above is found directly on the Springfield City pages here, toward the bottom: http://www.springfieldmo.gov/government/index.html City Code Chapter 18 deals with animals in general. Relevant sections: Section 18-24, Keeping of Fowl: 144 sq foot minimum coop size, 50 foot setback from other dwellings, schools, etc. 12 sq foot minimum for each fowl in an outdoor pen. Section 18-23, Fowl Running at Large: You can free range them only on property owned or controlled by you. Section 18-19, Disposition of Manure from Stables: Chickens are \"animals\" under the definition of this section, which requires daily cleanup and disposal of all manure into a closed container. This would be a good one for an anti-chicken neighbor to cite. Section 78-113, Prohibited Noises Enumerated: Animal and fowl noises. The keeping of any animal, bird or fowl which, by causing frequent or long continued noise, shall disturb the comfort or repose of any person in the vicinity.
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