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  1. lindalouly
    A work in progress.. this is what I have for the members of the HAL. I will need to fill in information as I get it.

    @casportpony - two peachicks hatched, two due 4-30

    @BantyChooks Jace has hatched 5/6 fertile eggs! Well phooey. Candled, and 9/17 incubator eggs are clear.[​IMG]
    All 3 of my EE look good, and 1/2 bantam. The 2nd bantam has a blood ring.
    1 SLW, all 4 turken, 1 cochin, 1 GLW are clear, as well as both dark brahma. [​IMG]

    So down to: 3 EE, 1 bantam, (my eggs) 1 cochin, 1 LO, and one GLW. Pretty bad.... Don't think I'll be buying from this person again, unless day 14 reveals otherwise. I left all the clears in, even though some could almost be used as a lantern they are so see-through.

    @Chaos18 8 out of 17 developing nicely. Ancona Duck set 4/2

    13 or 14. They're hard to count. I have 3 internal pips left on 5 eggs. It's still day 21 until after supper.
    I candled the bator and only had movement from one of the 9 eggs still over there. So I think the staggering may be finished.

    So it is day 17 for me on most of my eggs. (Day 14 for the silkies). Last night I candled and pulled 9 clears, left 4 maybes from the 17 day eggs. Pulled 11 clears and 1 blood ring from the silkies. So here is my list for lock down starting tomorrow:
    8 Amarucana
    5 Delaware
    7 Morans
    7 Welsummer (of which 3 are in my questionable pile on the side of the bator...) Those are hard to candle!
    5 Oliver Egger from Whitmore Farms
    12 Olive Egger from Richmond area (1 of which is in my questionable pile)
    5 white silkies from Ebay (Cracked egg with the wax is holding on and still alive!!)

    @Pensmaster HELP my hens have come down with a contagious case of broodiness. 4 and counting. I moved two of the broodies to a completely different coop because not only did they stop laying but so did the other 20 hens. Since selling eggs is their way of making ends meet I'm trying to get things back in order. [​IMG]

    So 18 eggs left out of 40 but I expect the number to go back up once they settle in.

    @Yorkshire Coop Brisea 20. 12 Tolbunt hatched are doing fab [​IMG]
    I'm going to be setting Columbian black tails, Pekin bantam & bantam Orpington agian in the last week of April. These will be the replacement eggs from the Easter Hal that had poor fertility.

    @Razadia Got a broody sitting on mixes and Chanteclers. 3 out of 4 viable eggs have hatched under Azura! I am so excited.

    @Laurel Meadows Alias J&TRanch...

    My first hatch this month from 4/1 and 4/5 I hatched 13/17 Marans (had a couple that quit on me towards the end)
    Last night I set 16 shipped BBS mottled bantam Cochins, 9 shipped black copper Marans, and 8 of my own BBS copper Marans. So I guess I need to jump in the May HAL too [​IMG]

    @howfunkyisurchicken Day 50 for my two eggs from the first batch. One of those eggs is tapping on the shell and PEEPING in the egg (no action from the other that I can see). Day 45 for the three from the second batch. Almost there!!!!

    @tao chick 4/1 = 0/15 from shipped eggs
    4/8&4/9 = 5/7 from my eggs
    4/12 = ?/12 from shipped eggs
    3 due 4/15 from a friend
    20? due 4/24 from my flock
    Three mixed breed due Friday. 20 mixed breed due 24th.


    I have 17 Auto-sexing EEs, 11 Frizzled EEs and 6 shipped silkies in lockdown
    I have 15 Blue Wheaten Sulmtaler set on 4/9, 17 BCM, 24 Mille Fleur D'uccle and 6 Black Crested Polish set on 4/15, 12 Blue Buff Cochin, 4 BCM, 13 Olive Eggers, 2 Biefielders, 4 CCLs and 10 of my silkie eggs set on 4/19. I'm also hatching 60 eggs for Gotro17 - a mix of Lavender Orpingtons, Lavender Cochins, and BCMs also set on 4/19. Shellee's chicks will hatch at my house, then go back to her house. LOTS of eggs, 4 FULL incubators!

    @mamahmendez Brinse 20
    Hatch 1 -
    2 eggs hatched 3/31
    11 eggs hatched 4/1
    1 egg hatched 4/2
    1 DIS (14/15 fertile eggs hatched, 15 infertile clears)

    Hatch 2 -
    20 Ancona eggs set 4/2, due to hatch 4/30
    - as of 4/15 11 eggs appear to be developing

    @jwlpoultry Hello everyone I am way behind on all of my threads it is so hard to stay caught up with life and byc. I have hatched geese and chicks so far this month and have more hatching every monday and then a few on some off days I just got a incuview xl cabinet incubator and will be hatching in it from now on. It definetly has, in the bator now are chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, and turkey eggs and pheasants will be here around the 25th so definetly busy.

    @sarah25bear I will be setting on April 10th not sure what all I will be hatching. I am going to take the weekend of May 1st off hoping they hatch on my birthday!!!

    @deserteggs22 But last night I set my eggs. 22 in total. 8 Black and Blue Coppet Marans, 2 Olive Egger, 6 barnyard mixes, and 6 Blue Partridge Brahma eggs. I'm also going to put 4 Ohiki eggs in the Bator in 3 days so that they all hatch on the same day.

    @FeatherCreek 2 Royal Palm Turkey eggs Due April 1

    @Purpletie3 I set 127 eggs. Pulled the clears at day 10. I had 113 go to lockdown & only 14 eggs left un- hatched/unfinished.
    Incubator is full again- I have way too much room in there! If anyone is in CNY and would like to buy any of these chicks above $5 each!

    @blkjak Set my silkie eggs today. Set 31.

    I candled last night , day 10, i removed the clears 10 of them.. :( and 3 quitters, but i wasnt so surprised with the clears... I only have 3 blrw hens and i had been saving them for a while...they might have just been too old but I put them in.. just in case!
    I also borrow my dads incubator, so I now have another 3 dozen + set in that!
    Should have lots of chicks on the 23rd!!

    @CLSranch Dark cornish due on April 2nd.

    @MotorcycleChick 3 Pekin on the 18th and 12 SPR on the 19th. The Pekin are suspected clears, but I wanted to try just in case.

    @Sueg4332 I set more eggs tonight.

    amerucana, clb, wheaten marans, white marans, cuckoo/clbs
    lets see how many are fertile.
    I have 2 rhode island reds setting on RR eggs, a turkey setting on chicken eggs, 2 black marans sitting on Ranch eggs. And cochin bantam s sitting together on a bunch of cochin eggs in 2 different places....

    @pjnbill22 Total hatched to date for April is 24.
    There are assorted mutts, Naked Necks, White Plymouths, and Erminett type EEs.

    Hatch-a-long update
    Incu #1 on lockdown just now
    It's been a near total loss [​IMG] 7/41 still going
    1/6 Cuckoo Bluebar- (MPC) clears, quitters, saddle cells. The one remaining doesn't look too promising
    0/10 White Leghorn- (mail) clears, saddle cells and scrambled eggs
    3/18 (our birds) EE, White Plymouth mutts- threw them in after a no show for the fertile eggs x 3 days, early quitters -100% fertile
    3/7(our birds) EE- same as above, no shows, early quitters- 100% fertile
    Incu #2 (day 16)
    8/10 White Plymouths (mail) 1 clear, 1 late quitter
    9/12 EE- Erminett type (BYC auction/mail) 1 clear, 2 early quitters- saddled air cells
    25/30 Nanci's mutts (coworker) 2 clears, 3 early quitters
    Incu #3 (day 15)
    1/7 Sebastopol geese (coworker Nanci) 5 clears, 1 early quitter - She's bringing me more to try in a week or two!
    Incu #4 (day 4)
    17 Columbian Wyandottes (mail)
    12 Nanci's mutts (coworker)
    Also in #4 (staggered)
    10 Olive Eggers- Marans/Ameraucana & Ameraucana/Marans (BYC auction/mail)
    Still to come:
    12 BLRW
    12 Langshan

    @Susieq2015 Well its almost hatch day for my first Sapphires, plus some CL/EE, due April 18th! Also I coincided it with my hatchery order of Whiting True Blues, due to ship the week of April 18th so they can grow up together:) 12 out of 12 Sapphires! 9 out of 12 CL/EE & EE, 1 out of 1 BCM/EE, and 1 out of 1 BL/EE.

    @rossfam06 So yesterday was day 14 on my SLP eggs and I lost 2 out of 18. So that leaves me 16/18 I am hoping to lockdown on Sunday. And on my Silkie eggs today is day 7 candled them all and 100% growing!!! So that's 15 eggs!

    @flocktastic BUT...I still got to set 24...
    8 Salmon Faverolle
    8 Welsummer
    8 of our own barnyard mixes

    @Saris I have 8 Bieles in lockdown and 13 Ameraucana. 1 Am has hatched and 1 has pipped.

    @Brittsplace okay so my hatch went far better than any of my others, this time I had all 8 hatch out! All are doing great, set another 11 bantam/silkie eggs

    @Nin315 Auction bought Black and blue copper marans. and white silkies from Elvis and Marylinn. My first HAL and experience w shipped eggs has been very frustrating and a disaster, to b honest.

    @jphendrix 18 eggs set, hatchdate April 3 Aiming for a staggered hatch due April 10

    @Sally Sunshine color coded calendar with color coded eggs in the bator right Overachiever.. lol (Hatching a chit load of eggs) yer silly LOULY LOVE!!

    @mlm Mike I'm setting 7 Icelandic Eggs. 7/7 developing, air cells good, my own eggs so thats expected. Has 4 pips. I set 13 guinea eggs yesterday.


    @firedragon1982 Monday the dozen silkies and Mille Fleur D'Uccles go into lockdown... Not going to tell my husband about the 30 eggs I just received from the Post Office on Thurs...I have 12 random eggs that go into lock down Monday!!... Guess I should wash and bleach the hatcher again! Picking up a mixed dozen from a local byc member from a flock that carries both a frizzle and grey egg gene! Pretty sure my husband is going to have me committed lol.

    @jewelsong i ordered some Orpington eggs and will also set some Jersey Giant eggs, some RIR's and some RIR/EE mixes... hopefully I will have them ready to set this weekend? that is my hope anyway.... can't wait for chicks!

    @brightpennies 5 fertile chicken eggs under my banty (who has never been a mom before), 7 fertile chicken eggs in the 'bator, and 15 unknown duck eggs in the 'bator to boot. We'll see what we get. This is all for science since my only prior attempt to hatch with a broody Pekin went horribly awry. Potential due dates are April 4 and 11. I guess we'll see how it goes!

    @shahtir101 I set 27 eggs. Broke one. Candles on day 7 and 5 aren't fertile. So I have 22 going strong! A hen went broody today, so I transferred 10 eggs from the incubator under her.

    @KeyFlock Hi all! I set 37 eggs yesterday, due to hatch on April 4th. They are a barnyard mix. Rhode Island Red rooster and Barred Rock X White Leghorn rooster. Hen wise I have: Black sex link, Red sex link, RIR, Barred Rock, White Leghorn, Brown Leghorn, Barred Rock crosses, and a Light Brahma. Looking forward to adorable chickies!
    Feel free to correct me. LOL


    Day 20: I have easter eggers and Ameracaunas(lots of internal pips and 1 external!) 14 EEs so far! And 1 Gamefowl!
    Day 19: 4 Gamefowl eggs looking fantastic, 1 iffy but I left it in just in case.
    Day 18: 4 Crested Creme Legbars and 6 Bielefelder eggs.
    I waited until now for lockdown as I have a staggered hatch and wanted to wait till the Legbars and Bielefelders hit day 18.
    Day 10: 3 Modern Game Bantams that have just been moved under a broody! I moved them with a broody to prevent them from going into "lockdown" along with the rest. I hope it won't be a problem when they hatch in half the normal incubation time!

    @ChickenGrass I have a broody hen due to hatch 9 eggs
    On the ninth of April
    And I set 24 eggs today in my incubator Cream Legbars

    @speney I will be setting eggs the first of April I'm just not sure what kind yet it depends on what I can get my hands on lol

    @heatherledet We're set! Well the eggs are! [​IMG] Day 2! Due on the 4th! I have 4 old english bb reds and 5 phoenix crosses(mutts) locked down today!

    @country lovin day 20- 3 sapphires, 1 Sally's project, and 2 lavender Orpingtons are out 4 more pips. Final count 3 sapphires, 6 lavender Orpington and 1 sally project.
    Day 6- 6 cream legbar.

    @Honora So the remaining eggs are 6 black/lavender cuckoo Orpington sex links (males will be cuckoo, females solid black or lavender), and 2 chocolate cuckoo Orps. Really looking forward to chickies hatching next week! I hatched out 3 lavender cuckoo orpington cockerels, 2 cuckoo orpington cockerels, 1 black orp pullet, & 1 chocolate cuckoo orp chick & 1 chocolate orp chick. All are doing fine!

    @CoopDeDoo I am getting some eggs to put under my broody this weekend - should hatch April 8th(ish)

    @LocalYokel QuailI let 5 of the quail eggs sit in 100 degree vinegar, checked with a thermo, for between 5 and 6 minutes.

    Broody hatch done.
    Had tossed one of four that was clear.
    Two hatched and she injured one to the point of death.
    The other did not hatch, looks like it quit early.
    Looking forward to lockdown in a couple days.
    Just got some Silkie, and couple of Icelandic, SFH eggs yesterday.
    They were shipped out on the 5th................
    Got 3 broken eggs and 3 cracked ones.
    Put clear nail polish over the cracks....[​IMG]
    May end up adding roughly 40 quail eggs in a few days.........

    @Coreenelane My incubator made by grandson and class mate will be free to set more eggs around April 10th. Right now eggs are being incubated for a science project that both boys are working on. The second clutch is in a large dog crate in the class mates garage. The hen was given 6 eggs from other chickens and showed signs of broodiness before the science project started. The next day she laid an egg and pushed out 3 of the original eggs. Next day she laid another and is sitting on them. Hope to learn a lot and incubate more eggs. Grandkids showing chickens in 4-H and selling eggs. Hens are paying for the feed and I want to breed and sell chickens. Candled some Sultun eggs today and so far so good. Trying to separate silkis and Sultuns so I don't have any cross breading. I think my silkis are starting to lay but not sure. I am finding very light cream small eggs but I thought I read somewhere that they laid peewee size eggs.

    @emvickrey I've got 3 good and healthy chicks as of today.

    @jrc85 firing up the incubator. OK well the duck finally got off the nest so I could see and she was hiding eggs so it is actually 10 eggs under her lol

    @Mirajane Firing up the incubator to see what she can hatch

    @chicken19 I have some chicks that I'm hatching right now. They are 12 americaunas, 12 production reds, and 2 caramel queens.

    @DwayneNLiz I will be setting around 40 eggs I think, mostly barnyard mutts, and the guy at the Napa down the road is giving me 2 dozen bantam/Silkies. Going to use my neighbors incubator-she's had good luck with it. Probably set them on Saturday 3/26 So currently I have 41 eggs in my borrowed bator and daycare has 10, so in all 51 eggs.
    AHHHH!! I have a chick!! Wasn't due to hatch until SATURDAY NIGHT, geez, so not ready!!!
    The pip i posted last night was almost completely zipped as i was leaving for work, and i have another external pip waiting for me to check on it when i get home, it is hard being at work right now!

    @kybyxbee 3 hatched 4/5
    2 piping today 4/15
    Had 5 hatch today, two ameraucanas and 3 mixes. Babies are so cute and fluffy.

    @Penny Hen I set 54 mixed Coturnix quail and 10 OE eggs today. Set the SFH eggs with 2 SFH/IB and 1 SFH/EE. And set 2 egg from Onyx who looks all AM but is an OE. Her eggs are just like the green olives. Set 2 of Tizzy's eggs. She is a Sapphire under an OE roo of spectacular coloring.


    April 2 hatch: 11 of 12 Guinea Fowl [​IMG]
    Due 4/4 Silkies, Olive Eggers and Mutts
    Due 4/16 Gold Laced Orps, Silkies, Olive Eggers, and Bourbon Red turkeys
    Due 4/22 Gold Laced Orps, Silkies & Olive Eggers
    4/29 ? ... still plotting [​IMG]

    @philyaw539 26 eggs

    @ChickenLady2014 I have 3 hatches currently scheduled to hatch in April. Just finished my first April hatch. Had 8 Silkies go into lockdown, 6 hatched, 2 DIS.

    @Cynthia12 I'm setting some Bantam Cochin eggs tonight. Should hatch around the 12th...I think. I did have 4 babies hatch. Those bad air cell ones. Had to assist. When I had waited long enough, and found that the first two I checked were DIS..I started opening others. Only got 2 little ones. :/ But, I think, one is a girl. These little bantam cochins have ridiculous feathers on those feets!

    @draye Set 74 Naked Neck, some will hatch fully feathered, @ about 5:30 PM. Candeled the eggs at ones week. 70 of 74 are good.
    I still have 70 eggs. They go into lock down late in the afternoon.
    They may be delayed a bit on hatch, we lost electricity for about an hour on this past Monday

    @chicken hawk 33 15 chicken eggs left in bator day 17 lockdown tomorrow.and 8 eggs left under my broody muscovy on day 25

    @melnjerm The one Maran/CCL egg did quit. So, I have 18 CCL's, 3 Maran/CCL's and 1 Buff Orpington/CCL, 22 total to go into lockdown in 3 days. Can't wait!

    @cree57i Lockdown for 16 GCM's and some other miscellaneous breeds tonight! Set 19 Silverudd Blue and 7 Isabelle leghorns 3 days ago. Setting 24 Black and Blue copper marans tomorrow. Also a cuckoo marans has been sitting for 3 or 4 days on at least 12 eggs. I put SB, isabelle leghorn and blue copper marans under her, but no telling what else she has commandeered. Today, an australorp decided she is broody. She has a BYM under her and as soon as I can catch her off the nest she will have some SFH's under there too. IDK how many eggs she has. All said, I have a minimum of 60 eggs set at this moment, but knowing my broody hens it is a lot more than that! I'm up to 3 broods as of today. No telling how many eggs are under them either.
    Broody #1 is a 2 year old Cuckoo Marans who is a first time mom. She hatched out 3 chicks and took them down the ramp into the chicken yard yesterday. Last night she went to bed as usual and left the tiny ones out in the dark. After much chasing, I gathered them up and took them in to her. She accepted them and I thought all was well. This morning, the blue copper marans chick was dead in the coop with a broken neck, the iSilverudd Blue chick was no where to be found, apparently eaten, and the isabelle leghorn was standing in the middle of the chicken yard screaming. Mom is merrily munching away with her peeps. She is the next chicken out of here! Being broody was what had saved her this long!

    We still have broody #2, #3, #4 and #5 cooking.

    @0wen Putting half dozen Svart Hona eggs in a Brinsea Mini Advanced (casual hatcher so only own a small capacity incubator) tomorrow (4/1) - setting at room temp currently trying/hoping to mend air cells and such courtesy of the USPS.

    @generaldsherman A total of 3/3 Naked neck chicks hatched. 8/11 ducklings hatched. Today is day 28 and no sign of the other 3 pipping as of this morning. Lost 1 duckling (the sticky-duck I think) leaving me with 7 cutey-pies.
    My chicken eggs were locked down yesterday evening. I have 1 aloha egg, 4 golden-laced wyandotte eggs, 4 buff orpington eggs, and 10 crested cream legbar eggs in that group. Hope to see peepers soon!

    @kimalulu My results
    First Hatch

    3 Clears
    7 DIS (1 zipped 3/4 then went toward small end and suffocated)
    10 Hatched

    Under Broody

    3 DIS (3/4 zipped)
    1 Hatched

    Second Hatch (hatches 3 days apart)

    3 Early Quitters
    1 DIS
    8 Hatched

    @arconfederate I set 10 Icelandic eggs yesterday (3/31/16) I have two chicks hatch yesterday.

    @sasafras4u2 Dont hold much hope for my sizzle silkie eggs this is how that box arrived.
    From ebay shipped from washington. Arrived in 2 days. The 10 that survived the trip with out cracks have either saddle or bobbly air pockets they have rested and now they are "planted" in the bator. I also set 7 Ayam Cemani and 7 Isabelles that all survived the trip packed very well from cjwalden right here on BYC...
    And 20 barnyard mix from missouri also packed well. Also from ebay.
    Wish me luck! Hatch date may 8-9

    @Feather duster I set 30 Australorp eggs on March 24th. Put the incubator into lock down yesterday.
    When I got home from work this morning the one I was going to assist had died over night. The one that had the tiny pip that didn't do anything all day yesterday hatch out during the night. The three that didn't pip at all I candled and they had died. So I ended up with 21 chicks out of the 26 that went into lock down.

    @Auroradream26 I have chicks hatching today at least 12 out so far. Ameraucanas, EEs, and OEs

    @katsdar I had 19 go into lock down and 19 hatched!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!

    Apr. 3 10 out of 11 hatched 6 white silkies and 4 Plymouth rock
    Apr. 13-15 in classroom 7 out of 11 hatched, and one more internally pipped. My last little classroom chick hatched tonight. It is a little white silkie. So 8 out of 9 chicks hatched.
    Apr. 23rd 15 eggs that are doing well, mix of Plymouth rock and silkies.
    Pitched 4 ameraucana eggs that were infertile and due to hatch on Apr. 27th.
    Set 55 eggs, that are due to hatch on May 2nd, but will have plenty of infertile, due to one rooster who is not doing his job.

    @pickachick Just set 31eggs.
    Taking notes on the chick first-aid kit (a wonderful idea!).
    4 golden lakenvelders,
    Few RIR crosses,
    Few leghorn crosses,Easter eggers
    Many dominiques's

    My April Hatch Statistics
    Hatch #1 37 eggs at lockdown/33 hatched/27 survived first week

    Hatch#2 had 21 friends eggs and 14 of my eggs.. temp issues throughout incubation of hers 2 hatched a day late. 1 made it to external pip and did not make it. 2 died after absorbing egg yolk and internal pipping before external pipping. The eggtopsies showed most quitters are at the end of the early beginning of middle stage. There were a that made it to lockdown and didn't make it until hatch time (had absorbed no yolk). I had trouble with the incubator with maintaining proper heat/ I suspect my humidity may have been too high as well. I started hatching in 2013 and have hatched every spring since and this is my worst hatch ever. I have 2 surviviors out of 35 eggs.

    Hatch#3 lockdown 4/26 due 4/29 I am NOT using the incubator that I just used on my last hatch so maybe will have better luck like I did with hatch #1. This is my last chicken egg hatch unless I can get some somewhere, I do want to hatch some Olive Eggers this year at least but maybe I should take a break.

    @redda Yesterday afternoon day 20, i was pretty discouraged thinking we werent going to have any hatch this time...I had discovered one of dear grandsons had turned the heat up to 108 for several hours around day 12, but kept on hoping and praying for the best. Last night we started hearing cheeps and noticed three pips, went to bed and woke up hoping for hatches, but found 10 pips and 1 zipped. After work only one had hatched by 3 PM...by 8 PM tonight a total of 9 have hatched,one is half way out, three are pipped and waiting for action on the other 9.

    I currently have Ameraucanas, Saipans, ducks, goose and Bantam Wyandotte eggs. I am so excited.
    My Saipans are due to hatch in 2 days. I have had bad luck with hatching Saipans so far.

    @Sahwithchicks Today I set 4 yellow gold pheasant eggs and 24 Pharoah coturnix quail eggs

    @h2oratt Went into lockdown last night. No movement seen yet.

    @Balloonjuice currently in lockdown

    In incubator:
    35 barnyard mix (from the RIR and Black Stars above)

    @akaruby Just set some Salmon Faverolles and Blue Partridge Brahma eggs today! Lockdown April 22nd.

    @Scovy Momma So, I set a couple more quail eggs...20 is a couple, right? The banty eggs are still looking well, down to 4 now. 2 due in a week & 2 the week after.


    5 going to lockdown tonight.
    25 to hatch on the 27th.
    54 to hatch on the 5th.
    23 set on monday.
    20 eggs under 3 hens tues. Began setting solid. So gave them eggs.
    All turkey.
    Preset 1588. Fired it up. Held even temp thru out.
    Retired my 10300 (lg). That bator gave me fits.
    So set 41 eggs in it.
    Have 4 in the hatcher off a test run of eggs.
    2 are out. 3rd is slow to hatch. All royal palms.

    @PaisyQ I set 8 barnyard mix chicken eggs today.

    @canadachickens 29 of 38 set made it to lock down.
    13 EE's, 7 ameraucana, 6 leghorn, 3 Columbian Rock
    Hatch due April 24

    @DannBlyth 7 ameraucana eggs and 27 australorp eggs in lock down tonight so excited[​IMG].

    @JadedPhoenix I have some chicks scheduled to hatch next weekend and I'm getting some turkey eggs to put in bator just as soon as they do. I had a batch of turkey eggs that were all duds so I got some mixed chicken eggs from a co-worker instead last month to feed the hatch fever. I'm down to five eggs from the six that I put in (she gave me a dozen but six were for banties and I don't need more of them) but all five have good movement within the eggs.


    So 28 in lockdown. 17 ameraucana, 2 EE, and 9 RIR. Should start the hatch tomorrow afternoon.
    I have a hen that has been on broody on golfballs for a week

    @RattleCan This morning is day 6.5 for the 24 EE/OE eggs and 12 royal palm turkey eggs I set so I went ahead and candled to see what's going on. The EE eggs were shipped and arrived with nearly destroyed air cells again (most roll freely around the egg) but at least 11 of them are currently developing. That's exactly how many started to develop out of the last 24 I was shipped and only 2 were able to hatch, so I guess we'll just have to see how it goes. BUT 11 of my 12 turkey eggs are developing! This is my first time incubating turkey eggs and my first time incubating eggs that were laid on my property and not ordered online, so I'm super excited to get some poults!

    I have a good many eggs in my incubator, i have 3 amerucana, 2 bramah, 9 barred rocks, and 6 guinea eggs.( my guineas wont hatch for a while ) Hey guys im going into lock down tonight wish me luck[​IMG]

    5 silver coturnix quail eggs due to hatch April 18
    5 khaki campbell/welsh harlequin mix duck eggs (from my ducks) due April 25
    10 chocolate orp/cream legbar cross eggs developing due April 29
    5 silver/choc cross ameracauna eggs developing due April 30
    Plus the bantam eggs I ordered that should arrive in a couple days

    @caeti21 I added eggs to the incubator today i have 14 eggs total :)

    My hatcher is going to be working overtime LockDown day:
    First Lockdown day is Wednesday 4/20 (the RIR, bunch of mixed, and bantam eggs) Just put 21 eggs in lockdown this morning!
    Second Lockdown day is Saturday 4/23 (first bunch of Dominique eggs)
    Third Lockdown in Wednesday 4/27 (first set of duck eggs and second set of Dominique and quail eggs)
    Forth Lockdown in Wednesday 5/4 (second set of duck eggs)

    Serama hatch complete - 18 shipped eggs, 1 clear, 12 hatched chicks (1 died) 5 DIS. Another one i tried to assist going into day 24 but was unable to save it. We have 11 happy healthy chicks!
    Mixed/orpington eggs in LG went into lockdown today. 26 viable eggs. Started with 34. A bunch of clears and a few that died early on.
    Broody hen on day 11 - sitting on 9 eggs mostly BO with a few barn yard mixes.
    The Brinsea has 18 turkey eggs in! Already on day 2!

    @teamfreewill Day 21, we have some pippers! 6 little ones hatched perfectly happy and healthy [​IMG]There's one egg left that hasn't pipped, maybe I'll candle quickly to check for an internal pip when I move the little ones to the brooder tonight.

    @Bryam I have 8 silkie eggs due to hatch in 2 days!!!!

    @hereorthere Went into lockdown last night. Humidity is at 60-62% in the past 8-9 hrs since I left, but hovered around 57-59% all yesterday evening/night.

    @CGilbert Joining in with my white, buff, and bantam self blue Ameraucana eggs.

    @nanceann First time hatcher. I have a buff who seems to be broody so I thought I'd leave americaunas eggs under her. We have one roo and he stays busy.

    @slordaz Putting 47 in the incubator this afternoon.They are barn yard mixes. set 42 barnyard mixes this morning.
    10 day candle of the 42 in the incubator, have 7 that are questionable but veining out so will recheck next week
    ok final report on BR broody, hatched 11 , 1 died first day after hatch, eggtopsy preformed 3 internal pips dead in shell 1 clear and 9 early deaths
    @banannalee I set 30 eggs and hatched 14barring any that decide to pip overnight.

    @Eps32 Ok guys so 30 chicks out. Well actually 32 left two in the bator cause they were wet. Still have eggs pipped and moving ready to hatch. Just had to get these guys out cause it was crowded. Out of a full egg turner witch I think is 41 or 42 eggs 32 so far and more coming!! I'm happy with that hatch rate!!! Well out of the 41 eggs. Thirty five are out and healthy.

    @SilkiesForEver Still trying to hatch my Rosecomb's eggs. I've got 6 eggs in the incubator.

    @stiles1113 Hello I'm new! This is my first time incubating and I have call duck eggs, white pekin duck eggs, khaki Campbell duck eggs, and mallard duck eggs. 5 were set Friday and 7 were set this morning. Any tips are greatly appreciated! I'm using the little giant still air incubator

    @Madonna m Everything looks good so far. Starting on day five. All 24 eggs just rollin along. Keeping humidity in check this time.

    @SH HoneyBadger I have eight eggs that I just set on April 3. Four eggs are Svarthona and four are lavender Orpington.

    @Choco Maran I have EE/Dominque crosses and cochin, silver lace, or blue lace crosses due to hatch on April 11th. So far I have four hatched.

    @rottlady So now my incubator has 12 Barnevelder, 12 Delaware, 4 Crested Cream Legbar and 4 Sizzle

    @chickygirl7 Welsh Harlequins just went into the bator! Im so excited!!! I just candled my shipped Welsh Harlequin duck eggs (day 8)- 6/6 are fertile, with no separated air cells!!!

    @Ur-ur-ur-urrr you can count me in this hatch-a-long... I just set 30 HRIR eggs in the bator and 3 penguin eggs.
    Set # 1: 11 viable, 3 blood rings, 1 highly questionable (will give it more time), and 1 slightly questionable. A few have good veining, but can't see the embryo.

    Set # 5: 11 viable, 2 blood rings, 1 clear, 2 highly questionable (will give it more time), and 1 slightly questionable. A few have good veining, but can't see the embryo.

    I pulled the 5 blood rings and 1 clear, and put the questionable eggs back in the bators. There are 24 eggs cooking, and all will (most likely) stay in until next candling. I'm almost positive that the 3 highly questionable eggs won't make it, but I'll be extremely happy if I only lose those 3 from here on...ust finished my day 14 candling, and I found another blood ring. Hmm.. perhaps I missed it on day 7? I really hope the remaining eggs make it to lockdown. I started with 30, and I'm down to 19 eggs now.

    @mrleeroy 10 Cream Brabanter expected to hatch on 4/28! Set 5 more eggs in the bator Yesterday 4/11 to hatch on my Birthday!
    I candled the shipped eggs last night, and all had movement inside but 1, and it did have veining. Day 7 for them. The newer group of eggs are still riding the turner, waiting to be candled Monday evening.

    I have 21 eggs in an incubator now.
    They are Glw x RIR and Lsx x RIR and due to hatch on Sunday!

    @melaniekemp I set 14 shipped eggs on March 26. Day 19. Just now had one external pip and one internal pip. First time trying to hatch eggs so I super nervous that even now I could lose them all. 14 shipped eggs and only 6 made it to lockdown. I'm so nervous : (

    @karenerwin Just set 13 Black Penedesenca eggs on Thursday, April 7th. tomorrow/ Sunday is day 10 for the 15 Black Penedesenca eggs. So I will be weighing & recording the weights. I'll let you know what they are compared to the original weights so that hopefully someone can let me know how they are doing.

    @circ director 38 eggs in lockdown today

    @Hawk12 I candled last night (day 14) and I'm down to 17 out of 27. I lost 7 in the old incubator and 3 in the new one. The 17 look great though :)

    @bbgranch Have 7 guinea eggs in the incubator. Day 14 update for 7guinea eggs. Candled today and all looking good. 14 days to go. Scheduled hatch day is April 24.
    Three more days until guinea egg lockdown. I have been good and haven't candled since day 14. So, its killing me! Hatch day should be Sunday.

    @darkbluespace Yesterday I set Silkie eggs under my two broodies, more in the bator. 7 Bantam Cochin eggs, a couple of mystery large chicken eggs and 25 button quail. I already have mini chicken, duck, goose and emu incubating so I believe that is the most varieties I have ever incubated simultaneously!
    My Broody hens hatched 7 Serama babies yesterday and this morning I have 6 out in the incubator and another 8 or 9 eggs in there. I obviously can't count because I only thought I had a dozen.

    @junebuggena I managed to squeeze 3 dozen Easter Egger eggs into my Incuview. Day 5 candling here for my overloaded Incuview. Out of 3 dozen set, I pulled 18 clears.

    @KHoward Tonight I set 18 Icelandics and 48 FCBM's in two Janoel incubators. And because I couldn't leave well enough alone, I set 8 duck eggs under a broody chicken!

    @Corwynnde I'm so egg-cited to join you! This is my first time incubating so I'm sure I'll have tons of questions. Just got a GQF Genesis 1588 set up today, and a dozen serama eggs ready to go in tomorrow morning!

    @Tchefunky Chick I wanna join this hatch-a-long. I have 29 eggs incubating. One chick hatched on April 7.

    @Shay1Bear April 1st I set 30 Americana eggs. Hatch 4-21
    April 3rd I set 17 Button Quail eggs. Hatch 4-20

    @mammat Just set 8 lav orphington,14 german bielefelders,14 barred rock and 12 silkies in the incubator on 4/7. Also have silkie momma on 5 due to hatch any day now and another silkie momma on 10 due to hatch in 2 weeks :)
    Had five hatch under broody #1!
    Cleaned out 6 clears and 2 blood rings today.

    Just set 7 eggs on April 7, looking for an April 28th hatch day!
    Day 6 here. Last night, I went in and candled (I know it's a little early, but I am working on a timeline as I am hatching for a class of 2nd graders, and I had to know by today if I needed to discard eggs and start over to beat the end of school year). Anyway, out of my 7 eggs, 6 show lots of veining already! YAY! I put an X on the one showing no development and will check it again on Friday. I candled on Friday and ended up tossing one egg that was infertile. So, we have 6 growing eggs left. They all looked great, with good air cells. Will candle again in a couple days. Due to hatch in 10 days! YAY!

    Update on my hatch. Put new batteries in my candling flashlight tonight. Wow so much better, I hadn't realized how dim it had gotten. Day 9.5 here and after my temp spike of 113 a few days ago I couldn't wait any more, as expected I lost a bunch of the eggs. I don't know how many exactly. I'm still sick and stupidly didn't count before eggtopsying them all into a big bowl. Ugh well I want digging through that of course. It was probably about 20-30 I can give a better total tomorrow or day 14 for sure.
    There were some inferts and a couple really early quitters but most of the eggs I pulled look to have quit BC of that temp spike. Since that fiasco the incubator has been right on. There were two eggs that I got some really good looks at the embryos when I opened them up. Which was neat. We have always cracked eggs in Ziplocks previously which are neat but kinda amoosh the embryo.

    @chickiebaby1 I just had a hatch yesterday and still some coming and I am also setting eggs on a weekly basis. I have 21 eggs in one bator hatching on the 19 and 41 more the 24th and I have 3 broodies sitting on over 30 eggs right now. It is defiantly hatching season here. So one of my broodies ( i had 3) decided to up and leave her nest today. She had been off her nest the last few times I checked on her. So i grabbed her eggs and put them in the bator. Tomorrow was supposed to be day 18. [​IMG] So we will see if she killed them or not. I candled them and they looked ok, but I'm not sure.[​IMG] I guess we will have to wait and see. I also set 88 more eggs today and I have 24 ordered "crested" breeds arriving this week from Ideal.

    @mlbuttercup Looks like we're joining in the Hatch-a-Long. My little rescued chicken is out and doing great! Yay!

    We finally set up an incubator today with 45 eggs. (4 mottled Houdan, 8 olive eggers, and the rest are a mix of Wyandotte and Austrolorp brown eggs.)

    We have 4 different roosters: Blue Polish, Golden Wyandotte, Silver Wyandotte, and one mystery Rooster with feathered feet and bright red eyes ...so our hatch should yield a neat mix of "barnyard" surprises this year.

    @Dubrovnik On April 9th I set 36 eggs; a dozen Rock Island fertile brown eggs from Andy's market, a dozen multi-color fertile eggs from Red Rose Half Acre farm (the Community Market sells these), and a dozen sage green Ameraucana eggs shipped from North Carolina to California. They will begin hatching on April 30th, if all goes well.

    @sjturner79 I wasn't going to set for this one, but I now have 4 eggs between 2 Broodies, so I'm in.

    @GitaBooks I've got some bantam eggs under a broody hen and some in the incubator (in case something should happen to those under the hen).

    We have hatched 15 so far and just moved them to brooder! It is day 21, there are 4 more eggs in the bator that may or may not hatch. At day 18 these eggs looked lively, especially two of them.
    So we have
    2 Welsummer x CL roo
    4 Dominique x CL roo (or possibly Rhodebar roo)
    9 Rhodebar x CL roo

    @Josefina I decided to try ordering hatching eggs for the first time this year, because I was having trouble finding Calico/Mille Fleur Cochins as day old chicks. Out of seven eggs, five are developing, and should hatch this week!!

    @hershy5252 After my first hatch in my incubator, I have a Silkie that went broody. She is currently sitting in 7 Wyandotte eggs. And due to hatch the 19th.. First broody too!!! Lol been a exciting month.

    @samandemsmommy Tomorrow is lockdown day! First time using the Brinsea Mini Advanced! I have 3 cream legbars in and 2 welsummer/cream legbar mixes :) Also have a broody in the coop due in about another week and a half :)

    @chickenjoe12 hatching 8 eggs each has a name on them (shanique,ralph,lofty,dizzy,pilchard,bird,travis and spud) under rico (a booted bantam) and they should hatch on the 24th and she is such a good mum last time she hatched all her eggs. so eggcited

    Getting eggs for incubator next week!!!!!

    Put 7 in
    2 maroons- 1 clear 1 forming
    1 blue Cochin- forming
    2 EE- Both forming
    2 salmon Favorelle- both forming
    They are due to hatch in 14 days.

    @chickenraiser22 I have about 21 buff orpington/black sex link and 20 barred rock chicken eggs in incubator!

    I have several april hatches going all at once 2 incubator and 2 broody.
    Silkie broodies, 1 momma has copper marans x EE hatching as i type.
    The other momma is hatching silkies( some are her's).
    In my incubators i have 42 that were set yesterday. EE's, Austrolorps, goldenlaced brahmas, bantam cochins, silkies, and buff orps. This batch is due may 2nd
    I also have and incubator with 60 eggs in it, more bantams but about the same as above. This batch is due 22 apr.

    @chcknluvr Hello y'all! Got olive eggers, easter eggers, wyandottes, and dominiques all in the incubator! The big day is April thirtieth! Also got some wellies and sultans coming in May second! So excited! Love my girls!

    @chickhatcher96 I have 41 eggs (mixed variety breeds-Easter Eggers, barred rock, Rhode Island, golden laced Wyandotte etc) in my genesis 1588 incubator at 15 days! I set 44 and have thrown out 1clear and 2 quitters. I'm doing it at school for my kindergarteners!- they're very excited! It's so much fun to candle them and show them the chick "swimming" around! They're just amazed! My chicks are due the 19th. They usually hatch a day or so early though.

    @Blooie Got two hatched and snoozing happily under Mama Heating Pad. Um, I did enter this, didn't I? Got one little Cream Legbar cockerel and one Olive Egger, gender as yet unknown.
    Let's see. I pulled
    2 Bantam Clears
    1 Silkie Clear
    1 Nankin Clear

    Which leaves me with:
    3 Australorps (2 questionable, 1 good development)
    1 EE
    1 Naked Neck
    1 Leghorn
    1 Cochin
    Of those, the only strong air cell are in the EE and 1 Australorp, so we'll see. We're on day 12

    @LeroySouthpaw Final update, I've been putting it off. 20 out of 23 successful hatch, last 3 were DIS.

    out of 10 for sure viable eggs (this was my first time incubating-I am not in the group's league quite yet!), 7 hatched. Four are doing fabulously, into the brooder and eating and drinking. Two are weak and one keeps falling over, not sure it will make it. One died-it pipped and started to zip bit then seemed to get stuck. All around it the other ones were hatching fine, so I don't suspect a humidity issue. I did leave it alone for 12+ hours but ended up assisting. He died sometime during the night. Not sure if I killed him but I am pretty sure he would have died in the shell if I hadn't helped.
    We still have 6 eggs in the bator that I was never sure were viable-dark brown eggs and since it was my first time with everything, not sure I really could see what I thought I should see. I am leaving them in for 2 more days but having no pipping at all.
    For a first attempt, I am quite pleased. Learned a lot and know some things to do differently next time, and that's always a good thing.

    @PAchickenlover I have two broodies sitting on eggs. One is sitting on my Svart Hona/Phoenix cross eggs (due to hatch next week sometime, i believe). The other is sitting on my Americana/Phoenix cross and BBR Phoenix eggs ( she just started sitting). I finally got momma up to eat a little food so i could see what was going on under her. Two are hatched the rest aren't too far behind.

    @Chickens 2016

    @TJordan Ok. 15th day of April. I just placed 17 duck and 57 chicken eggs in the incubator. Yes that's more than my Easter hatch [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    The chicks due on the 6th and ducks on the 13th.... Oh great. Another hatch on a day I'll be gone most of the day. Field trip with my son on the 13th [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] FRIDAY THE 13TH [​IMG] for those who are scared of that date

    @Bantambird Hello! I am hatching cream Legbars and Birchen Marans, and Birchen x Cuckoo Marans. I got this fancy new phone, and I've been offline for so long... Not like I ever did anything before but lurk and peruse. Still! I am ready to participate! To be honest, I would look up things on this site years before I even made an account, and even after making the account I didn't say much. Always too busy! Plus I had another baby... I have 3 young kids and a husband makes 4... But I love my birds. I have a small flock of 40, 25 Cream Legbars, a mix of the 1st and 2nd import groups I believe, from Ewecrazy farms, but shipped from Texas several years ago. I have 11 Marans, 3 are English type Cuckoo, 6 are beautiful French Birchen, and 2 are solid black from crossing the Birchen and Cuckoo. I got my Birchen from Rodney Reeves, and their color is soooo beautiful. The rest of my birds are wonderful randomness, adding color and variety. And turkeys! My newest hatch should start pipping any time now... Have rolling hatches for this and next weekend in my ancient 1266 sportsman! And an early 1502 model as the hatcher, since my great uncle put an acrylic door on it. Whoo hoo! Yay!
    Dancing around!!!

    @sarasweatman Hello! Well let's see in my beautiful Sally coolerbater, I have geese and ducks. And in another i have chickens. I also have a broody chicken sitting on duck eggs (and some chicken eggs her lazy Mazie friends squirrelled under her). April 22 is my 40th birthday so i getting myself some jubilee Orpington eggs (yay) if it works out [​IMG]

    @PeepsForUs We started our first batch of eggs ever in a Hovabator 1588. We purchased Swedish Isbar eggs from a lady who sells them on eBay. I ordered 18 and she sent 23. One had a detached air cell. We started the eggs on April 12th after letting them sit for 3 days. We just found out last night that our egg turner isn't working. My DH was able to fix it today, thankfully but we are a bit worried that it hasn't been working since it started.

    @snowy Mtns We have 29 eggs growing in the incubator. Due Friday night the 22nd! Black Jersey Giants, Polish, Ameraunas and Cochin. It's our first incubator hatch!

    @Sambi89 I set some eggs in the cabinet incubator a few days ago. I have one broody ready to hatch today and one broody only a few days in. Plus the brinsea octogon is due tomorrow. Yikes what was I thinking!!!!

    @Family Affair I have Copper Maran chickens in the incubator. I ordered Araucana hatching eggs at the same time and I'm disappointed that they haven't arrived yet. They were due to arrive last Wednesday avow is Saturday and they were laid 11 days ago. So maybe I won't have blue eggs this year but I'm excited about the prospect of getting copper/brown eggs this year.

    @chicken04 I'm hatching 10

    @Puddin Fluff I just set 12 under my broody last night so today is day 1 for me. Set 6 LF Lemon Blue Cochins and 6 banty breeders choice cochins under a broody April 16. Expecting fluffy butts May 7th.

    @GoalieChick35 I put 7 eggs under my broody and 6 eggs went to a friends incubator on April 9th,and set my very first incubator group of 32 eggs from my own birds on April 14th. All are bantam cochin of various but pure colors :) Blue, Partridge, Blue Mottled, Black Mottled, and Buff Barred. The Blue Mottled/Black Mottled have potential of being Frizzle. I'm beyond excited :)

    We set 52 eggs, I don't know what we were thinking. They should hatch May 2-7 as I couldn't resist tucking in more eggs to stagger the hatching a little bit. Last night we candled 36 of the ones that were 5 days old and only tossed four, two were candling clear and two were developing but had pretty big cracks. We replaced those 4 with fresh eggs.
    Incubating Hedemora, Bielefelders, and Barnevelders!

    @YellowDuckK Just went on lock down for my first hatch. 28 mix of RIR, red and black sex link, game fowl, and some barred rock mixes. I also have two broody hens with 10 eggs under each. I'm so excited/nervous to see how many hatch!

    @mrmotherhen Hi All, incubating for the very first time! We have 10 eggs, 2 X Cream Legbars, 2 x Aracunana, 2 x Rhode Island Reds, 2 x Copper Blue Morans and 2 x French Wheaten Morans. Currently on day 16, getting ready for lock down. Have candles the eggs many times now as we have found it absolutely AMAZING! Our children are so excited! All 10 eggs seem healthy so far..

    @LilBittyChicky I have EEs and OEs in lockdown. Well I left 7 EEs and 2 OEs that were rocking around to go to work... No pips yet but boy they were rockin n Rollin.

    @skunknchatter My son and I got out the trusty homemade cooler incubator today. We'll be putting a dozen eggs in from our back yard flock. The rooster is one bird that was successfully hatched by old fashion broody hen. He's 3/4 BO and 1/4 Welsummer. The hens are some mixed we've hatched, BO, Dominique, and Sussex.

    @SpinningJenny Hi! I am hatching a batch of chicken eggs this April, due next week on Tuesday/Wednesday!!! I'm excited but also nervous since I haven't incubated since I was a kid, and because I've already gotten 5 early quitters.

    @chantelhatt 30 eggs started off in the incubator on April 6....and my two girls sitting on their shared nest

    @wingedshade Well, the eggs I bought from eBay arrived. No broken eggs! The incubator and homemade egg turner should be ready tonight!

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  1. altair
    52 eggs: Hedemora, Bielefelder, Barnevelder bantams.
  2. chickenraiser22
    I have about 21 buff orpington/black sex link and 20 barred rock chicken eggs in incubator!
  3. Choco Maran
    I have EE/Dominque crosses and cochin, silver lace, or blue lace crosses due to hatch on April 11th. So far I have four hatched.
  4. caeti21
    I added eggs to the incubator today i have 14 eggs total :)
  5. Balloonjuice
    My 38 remaining eggs are from two RIR roos. Some of the hens are RIRs and some are black stars. So the offspring will be 75 to 100% RIR, right?
  6. sueiris
    Expecting black and chocolate Wyandotte bantams......thanks for the list!
  7. katsdar
    I have 24 eggs in the Brinsea incubator and one egg under on broody and 7 eggs under another broody,
  8. weegarden
    I have 11 hatching today and tomorrow. Silkies and Plymouth rock x my large any other rooster winner.
    On the 11th I have a bunch hatching in my classroom. And then I have more hatching around the 25th.
  9. arconfederate
    I set 10 Icelandic eggs yesterday (3/31/16)
  10. kimalulu
    I have bielefelder, barred rock, English Orpington, Swedish flower hen, Easter eggers and some mixes set to hatch 4/17 and 4/20.
  11. lindalouly
    OHhhhh no.... I lost my last hatch to a horrible incubator, that I made..shhhhhh Im so sorry for your loss Coreenelane.
  12. Coreenelane
    Well mu first attempt is a total loss. The new LG w/egg turner was a disaster. The temp was all over the place by the 4th day reading 99.5 but more than 10 degrees cooler, upped the temp. and at 1 time it hit 122. No problems with humidity. Called the manufacturer and they are supposed to send a new one. I just feel sick about the loss. Most eggs were 16 days at the last spike. This is really depressing but I will move on. Bought better supplies and will put together a Styrofoam incubator this weekend and try to set more eggs. I also need a better light to candle with What would be the be the best to see with? I'm on a S.S. budget but f it's for the chickens I'll get it!
  13. Jessimom
    Great job!! I have eggs already set, but I have a whole bunch ready to go in to the bator, as well as several dozen still in transit. I will give you a full list on Monday.
  14. Sally Sunshine
  15. lindalouly
    I added a whole bunch of people including you.. I dont understand why it isnt showing...
  16. Honora
    Don't see myself but I am hatching LF Orpingtons, due April 8th.
  17. ChickenGrass
    Nice job
    I have set eggs too
    And I am in this topic
  18. Purpletie3
    Good job!!!
  19. Whittni
  20. BantyChooks
    Great job!!!
  21. Saris
    I have no idea what I'll have except some Bielefelder eggs. I will try to set on the 1st.

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