Squiggle the Silkie Bantam

By Gromit99squi · Jun 1, 2013 · ·
  1. Gromit99squi
    Squiggle's story starts before he hatched. It all started with two other chickens, completely different to him.

    My sister breeds chickens and hatches them out with an incubator. She started showing chickens the previous year before I came to know Squiggle. But it was when she convinced me to show chickens with her that she said I could keep two chicks. Those chicks happened to hatch the day I was over at her house so I took them home happily and cared for them as much as I could. These two chicks were born for the show and I knew what their destiny was, or so I thought...

    The two chicks were outside free-ranging one day, close by the house. My mother was inside on the lounge watching them every now and then. That's when she heard the chick calling for his friend. She ran outside and looked every where, not in luck. The chick must have been taken by a hawk or currawong. She took Sooty (The remaining chick) inside and told me the news when I had returned home from somewhere later that day. I tried to spend extra time with the chick because I knew how lonely he would get. I guess you could say that if it weren't for the young chicks death, I would'nt have even known Squiggle. The next day we went back to my sisters to get Sooty a friend. She didn't have any Sooty's age but the three we got were not far behind (Maybe a week). The three were named Hop-A-Long (who ended up getting put down due to being crippled and the other chickens attacked her one day and life was no longer fair for her), Speedy (lovely silkie hen) and ofcourse Squiggle. Sooty was very attached to me by the time he was 6 months old. I could pick him up, pat him, and he would follow me every where. Squiggle and Speedy, being older before they were handled lots were no where near as friendly. It ended out Sooty was cross bred and could there-fore not be entered in the show. Of course Sooty and Squiggle had both ended out being young, beautiful roosters, and Sooty ended out living free-range (being shut up safely at night) to prevent any aggression between the two. Eventually we sent a load of roosters to a fodda store to be sold to new homes and out of the two, a pure bred silkie and a crossbred, it was the purebred that got to stay and my highly, lovable, very-dearly missed Sooty who is now gone from my life possibly forever. Later through out the year Squiggle and Speedy were entered in the show. They did not win anything but I didn't mind since there weren't any categories for silkies as I was entering in the juniors section then. I also entered Squiggle in a much smaller poultry show (I didn't enter Speedy as her crooked toe let her down).

    Unfortunately Squiggles story came to an end two nights before the main, big poultry show with different sections where I was sure he'd win atleast a third. We washed him and he must have passed during the night due to shock, heat or cold (he slept inside to stay warm).

    So not everything ended out happy. My favourite chicken, Sooty is gone and possibly dead, I don't know. Squiggle has passed away, Hop-A-Long had a miserable life after the chicken attack and had to be put down. But I am always glad I still have Speedy. And who knows, I'm getting two 5-day-old chicks tomorrow who might end out almost as friendly as Sooty.

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  1. threeleggeddog
    This was such a difficult story to follow :eek:(

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