~Standard Heritage Turkeys-Breeds, Facts and All!!!~

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    We will be talking about standard heritage turkeys. Well, here you go!!! :) More being added everyday!!! Beltsville Small White-
    Between 1934 and 1941, researchers crossed Bronze, Eastern Wild, Narragarrett, White Holland and White Austrian Turkeys. The bird was in use by the 1940's. and by the 1950's, the breed became popular. Beltsville's have white plumage, black beards, horn colored beaks and dark, brown eyes. Standard weights are 21 lbs for a male, and 12 lbs for a female.

    Black Turkey-
    Black Turkeys were developed from the original stock taken to Europe in the 1500's. These turkeys have been called other names, like Norfolk Black in England and Black Spanish, to differentiate the sources of lines. This bred has been ranked high in tasting competitions. Black Turkeys have beautiful green iridescent black feathers covering their entire body. Standard weights are 33 lbs for males and 18 lbs for females.

    Bourbon Reds-
    J.F Barbee developed this variety in Bourbon Country, Kentucky. He crossed a Bronze and White Holland turkey. It became a popular breed in Kentucky and all across the United States. The breed has won many tasting competitions and was the first heritage turkey to gain the attention of national media in 1998. Bourbon Reds have a rich, deep red color covering most of their feathers, with a white tail and most of their wings. Standard weights are 33 lbs for males and 18 lbs for the females.

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