When I first got into chickens, I made my husband make me a chicken coop... It's an 8'x8' and is nice and solid! :)

Here's the first set of chicks we got before the coop was even finished! There was 14 of them! 1 bantam black jap roo of some sort, 3 bantam white brahma hens, 3 RIR rooster, 2 new hampshires (1 roo & 1 hen), 1 white plymouth rock hen, 1 spangled russian orloff roo, and 3 SLW hens! This was us grabbing and holding them upside down like TSC peeps told us too, we did get what we wanted as well! Just won't do that anymore...

My roosters, except one RIR roo, were put into the freezer and I sold all the hens after a while to get better ones... I'm down to 5 hens at the moment, 1 Leghorn, 1 Easter Egger, 1 LeghornX, 2 Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, and 3 Langshan chicks. In our area there is always someone wanting hens/roosters preferably over chicks... so I enjoy raising the chicks and then selling to others who want to have their own hens. I'm not in it for the money obviously, since feeding chicks and keeping them warm and watering them and spending the time to build more coops etc ends up being kinda expensive and turn around and sale layers for only $10 is not a profitable business. I just enjoy watching them grow :)
This is the second coop my hubby built me, we learned less is more! hehe!

The back opens up, to collect eggs, the sides open to ventilate through summer, and the front opens up to clean up or grab chickens at night. Very handy! Learned that 2x2's don't make a good base though, should have put it up on blocks! :) Look how many chickens I had! The larger coop is now being turned into a rabbit barn, the run on the far left side is being pulled down... I wish I had the money to build a seperate building for the rabbits so I could continue using my large chicken coop so I could do more than 1-2 breeds again... but I've really enjoyed having the fuzzy bunnies! Chickens will have to wait!
I'm starting into raising show quality Mini Lops, I have 5 now! will be breeding my REW doe around Jan 19 when she turns 8 months old :)
My first Pointed White doe Penelope. Blue Pointed White.


My mate for Penelope, Odysseus. Black Pointed White.



My new solid black gold tipped steel, Turbo...


My new doe, Sophie.. a Broken Lilac


My doe Nella, REW.