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    Hello from Watkinsville Georgia!
    I have two Pekin ducks, three Rhode Island Red hens, one Rhode Island Red rooster, and a pair of Barred Rocks. I have eight eggs in the incubator that are due to hatch on Wednesday, January 6th from my Barred Rock hen (Starlight) that was killed by a hawk three weeks ago. Starlight would come to my front door and peck on the side glass for us to let her in, then go into my laundry room and fly up on the countertop and lay an egg in a circular dog bed for us every morning. She was a dear and I miss her terribly. I became a chicken mom in early April 2009 and love it! Big Red is my son's Rhode Island Rooster and his best friend. He chases the car if my son is in it, runs after my son in the yard like a puppy dog and stands on the front porch and crows until we let him or pick him up. I'm married with one son, six chickens, two ducks, three Jack Russells, a cat, a turtle, and a tank full of fish.

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