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    Well, we began with a flock of 4, and now have a flock of 3 with 1 sitting on 6 eggs [​IMG]. So, here goes.
    Lucy: Lucy came from nighbors who had 20 chickens. She is a Buff orphington, who is about 1 and 1/2 years old. She is my favorite, because the very first day we had her, she "attacked" my sister. (Really, my sister scared her and she flew up in her direction...) . She is best buddies now with Wilma.[​IMG]

    Ethel: Ethel is much, much, much calmer than her previous buddy Lucy. (She's broody now, and well, you know how broody hens get). She is also very timid, and the future mother of (hopefully) 6 chickies! She is also a Buff orphington, and also from friends down the street.

    Wilma: Wilma is our only RIR left, and she is ring leader when it comes to the chickens, and the first to submit to humans. At her previous home (same neighbors), she was called "red" because she is such a deep, deep red color, and is small for her breed. She is our most reliable layer.

    Betty: May her sould rest in peace, Betty was a RIR hen with a temper. She met her match in a large white dog down the street. She was our first to lay, and Wilma's partner in crime (Destroying their waterer).[​IMG]

    6 chicks-to-bes: When they hatch, they will be Domonique/RIR crosses. Notta clue what they'll look like. All roosters will make a happy trip to, well, we don't know yet. Most likely a local auction. [​IMG] I don't know about names. Being crosses and most eggs from different hens, hopefully we will be able to tell pullets apart. I'm thinking along these lines: Hallie, Jamie, Jackie, Julie, Jody, Anny,, Kallie, Marley, Kandi, Kamira, etc. I think cutsie names are nice, but not so sure what the neighbors would think if I started yelling "Snuggle Bunches!" over the yard....[​IMG]

    So that covers it, any tips on raiseing and hatching chicks would be appriciated, first timer here!

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    Thanks so much! It's a great article!
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