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By SteadysDream · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    I started my chicken "obsession" when my friend and i bought a tiny little barred rock chick from a local farm store. My parents weren't thrilled when i brought her home. She lived in the house in a little hampster cage untill she got too big for it. She followed me around outside and loved to sit on my lap and sleep while we watched tv in the evenings. She hated being left in her cage at night. When she got bigger she lived outside in a dog house with a yard. She never saw another chicken untill she was almost full grown. She wasn't even afraid of the dog. My parents still didn't really want her so i took her to my cousins, which is where she saw her first chicken. My cousin's hens didn't like her and so she came back home with me where she lived in the garage for the winter. She was the coolest and smartest chicken i ever saw. She came when called "here chick chick". She jumped for sunflower seeds, would jump up on her platform in the garage for food. The neighboors chickens found out i had food and decided to come hang at my house during the day. once day i bought 2 more chicks from the store and came home to find a hen with 5 chicks. I took them in and raised them all together. Soon the neighboors chickens started to dissapear untill there was one hen that figured it out and slept in my garage with my hen. Of my 7 chicks, one got eaten by a hawk, my favorite banty and another got eaten by a fox, 2 got sick. In July of this year (2011) i still had 2 chicks left and the 2 hens. The two chicks were little roos. I went on vacation and left my friend in charge of my "zoo" (i also have 2 rabbits, 8 horses, 2 goats, and a dog). She went to camp for church and her sister took over. The chickens were locked in their "coop" (a temporarily converted horse shed) while i was on vacation. Her sister didn't know they weren't allowed out and the day before i got home the horse (we assume) got the door (a pallet) open and the chickens were out. They didn't get locked up because my friend's sister didn't know they had to be locked in. That night a fox got into the coop and killed all 4 chickens including my hand raised favorite hen. I was so upset but I figured I needed another chicken to make me feel better. I asked all over for chicks by being summer the stores didn't have them anymore. My friend (that bought the first hen with me) gave me a rooster her mom had that had half his feathers due to the other roosters picking. He lived in my "coop" for half a month untill i bought a hen with 13 chicks. I picked one for hand raising. After about a month that one got sick and died mysteriously. I currently have 12 chickens, 4 Roos. One little D'uccle hen i got from a girl at the fair, the Leghorn with the babies and 9 of the babies.


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