Morning after their 1st night sleep in the new condo & so very content! These are our oldest girls @ 2 1/2 months.
(Above): Tulip like all the girls, always more comfortable roosting on daddy's hand than anywhere else. Someone lock me in the coop so I don't have to go to work! Had I been sitting down, the picture would have been a lil' different... Try me with 1 chicken on my head, 1 on each shoulder & another on an arm, leg or whatevers left.
Clockwise - starting with the dark blob on the side beam: Whoopi (Black Frizzle/Black Japanese Bantam), Poppy (Buff Laced Polish), Tulip (Easter Egger) & Marigold (Golden Laced Wyandotte).

(Above): Francis (Blue Silkie chick) very sweetly checking out Roxie, her new competition (White Crested Blue Polish). No need to fret, Francis.. We'll still pick you up and love on you every 5 seconds!

(Above): Clockwise - starting with the striped dark blob in the top of the photo... Silver Laced Wyandotte, Mille Fleur, White Crested Blue Polish & 2 White Silkies.

(Above): Clockwise - Silver Laced Wyandotte, Mille Fleur, White Crested Blue Polish & 2 White Silkies.

(Above): Now that we have a few chicks under our belt, so to speak, I'm already a bit worried about the Silver Laced Wyandotte in the top of the photo. She's just not as responsive as the other babies are :(. But I mixed up some chick-save as soon as I unpacked them this time and I'll be stopping for some yogart on the way home.

(Above): This lil' Mille Fleur in the middle of the photo was the smallest of the chicks and, OH is SHE CUTE! The horrible red light from their heat lamp always distorts the photos, but she has bits of grey, black, brown & red... which gives her a fuzzy, can I rub you on my face please look. It took everything I had to leave the house this morning.. I was dying to call out!

(Above): PEEP peep

(Above): peep PEEP

(Above): peep