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    We recently bought a home in Washington and I could not find a use for the tool shed in the back yard... until now. I have been working for two weeks to convert a portion of my shed into a chicken coop for three laying hens. I have been designing as I go, and converting the right hand side, approx 3 feet, into a coop with a storage area beneath the roost and poo board. Seeing as how I have never owned chickens before, and don't know a lick about coop design, BYC has been a wonderful resource.
    I put together a rough sketch of the coop design.

    I have had the darnest time finalizing it, but my deadline is fast approaching - we get our birds on Sunday.
    Our birds: We are purchasing three year old laying hens - two Rhode Island Reds and one Buff Orpington. We were not interested in starting out with chicks, and wanted to get straight into the fun of the laying hen! Luckily for us there are a few locak BYC folks who have been willing to thin their flock on our behalf, and we thank you!
    Stay tuned. Once I finish I will post pics of the coop and our birds enjoying their new home!

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