My earliest memories with chickens where as a young child among my parents flock. Dad kept chickens for food and never any paticular breed. They where always a mix of types and colors. When I married after a few years we moved onto a small piece of earth that would later become Stoney Ridge Farm. We started our farm with chickens and they where of all kinds of breeds that where able to roam the barnyard. After we let the hens hatch out eggs and we got a mix of mongrels. That flock was disbanned after a few years. The quality was just not thier. About three years ago I started up again with poultry.
Today we have peafowl, pheasants and chickens in our poultry mix. The peafowl are black shoulder and india blues. The pheasants are yellow and red goldens. The chickens are pure breeds and kept in thier own pens and runs. My initial goal was to have a dual purpose breed that layed a white egg. This lead me to rare or heritage breeds. Of them I settled on the barred holland breed. I also have light brahmas and cuckoo marans.