Storage room transformation for New York city coop!
After finally convincing my partner to get chicks :love:celebrate we got 4 BO chicks. We live in New York City and we are very lucky to have a backyard, but we don’t know anybody that has chickens, so we had to research a lot to be prepare for this amazing experience of having backyard chickens!
We started the project of making a coop... the chicks were already at home so we had to act quickly!
At first we were going to build a whole structure outside in the backyard, but then we realized that we have a little storage room in the basement that’s right next to our backyard and could be perfect since it’s already weather proof!

This was the initial plan that we had for the coop,
we stick with it for the most part:
Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 10.50.11 AM.png

This was the storage room
full of dirt, gardening supplies, and tools:


First if all we had to remove all
the old shelving and clean up the old paint


Then we painted the walls (of course pink :p)


and added the plywood flooring...
Then we framed the coop access door.

And used leftover plywood
from the flooring to add next to
the access door for extra insulation.:D


We had leftover fence that we used for our backyard
(we had to add the fence in the backyard because of the 4 new family members addition)
we separated the fence parts to make a door for our

little coop


After that we started working on the chicken door.
We had to make a hole in the wall to add the chicken door
that goes from the coop to the backyard


and added a opener motor to the chicken door,
this is one of the best things to have in a coop.

not having to wake up early to open the door is the best!!



Then we made the elevated roost that has
underneath wood that’s serves as a poop board


We added the nesting boxes (cat litter boxes :gig)


We added the ladder ramp for the chickens to go up and down the roosts.
As you can see the
ramp is way too narrow,
eventually we had to replace for a wider one,
because the chickens were having trouble going up to the roost


Here you can see the current wider ladder ramp. 👇
The bottom floor has the nesting
boxes and space
for the chickens to hang out when is raining.
I added a deep layer of wood shavings

in the bottom floor and sweet PDZ for the poop board...

The girls at bed time! ⬇
This was a warm night and they are using all the roost.
when is cold they snuggle next to each other and only use half of the roost.

This coop is being use by our 4 chickens and they seem very happy with it.
It’s also very easy to clean as the big access door let me have enough space for me to clean it. It also has great ventilation.

After moving the chickens to the coop,
we had to make a couple of changes.
We made the roost ramp wider as our first ramp was way too narrow.
We also added a wood trim around the poop board as the poop and PDZ was falling to the bottom floor.

and we also added a wood trim down in the picket door as the chickens were kicking wood shavings outside the coop.


One thing that we want to add is hardware cloth in the interior of the picket door, to prevent mice to get into the coop.

We are very proud of our little creation!
And I hope you like if too! Please comment!

An extra picture of Greta, Chata, Anke and Gavi in the backyard... they are spoil chickens🥰



They bring joy all the time!