Here is a great way to make good with Exzisting Items you have laying around,
When a Stray chicken showed up at our house and Suprised me with 11 chicks I had to act fast and Make a coop. considering My husband and I decided to keep the family.
when i measured for the chicken wire.. I got 5 feet 9 inches (front to back) by 7 feet 8 inches (side to side) for the porch
so I figued I'd get the 50 foot roll of chicken wire so I'd have extra. and when i started I only had the coop surrounded in the wire only. and I was 5 feet short from Totaly Enclosing the porch
The bricks are to hold the wire down on the bottom as i discoverd fast the chicks were able to wedge out the bottom.

I used,
Deck screws
then nails that look like staples
Chicken wire.- I used a 50 foot roll
Cinder blocks or bricks- to prevent diggin into and out of the coop

Now This is a great way to use up scrap wood, This is something somone like me who has NO BUILDING experience, as all your doing is Attaching boards to your porch.
if you have none see if any local business's will let you Have some pallets,
I used 3. pallets for my project.
This is the "Coop" before I attached the boards.. I started out with just Chicken wire on the bottom half. to keep them contained untile we could tear up the Pallets.

I Then took 3 pallets, and Removed each plank. (this was not easy. but can be done)
Once i got 3 pallets dissmantled, I began drilling holes thru the plank and into the Legs of the porch.. and attached them with deck crews.,,

I then Made a Temp. Door. with the hinges and some chickenwire and 2 planks. I will later make the door bigger.

(yes i know the door needs work.. it's only Temp lol)

Then Began to attach more boards to the front side of the "porch coop" about 5 boards high..
Then I took what chicken wire I removed from the bottom. and moved it to the top, to finish Enclosing the porch, Now turn coop
I used them nails that look like staples, to nail the wire to the top of the porch. and the top row of boards at the bottom.. I also put one more board ontop of the planks to hold the wire in place at the bottom.
Then surrounded it with the cinderblocks. to keep anything from diggin in or out

That extra vertical board is beacuse the planks were not long enough to reach both legs.. so I just Improvised)

This angle is where I'm going to Join either a pallet coop (once built) Or that Wire coop. so they have more of a "run"

I then Took 2 Cinderblocks and the 1 extra board I had to make a sligh raised section to set food trays on.

I intend on making more Raised area for Roosting later. so it's still a work in progress. but Suites us find for how quickly we needed to come up with a solution to our new friend and her family, so we could keep everyone safe.

Chick Tested

Mother Hen Aproved.

Been Brainstorming my Extention on the coop. I want to add a hen house. So I took my left over pallets from the one's I got to attach to the porch and made a "floor plan" of how I'll make the hen house. Below is the Floor for now. I just need 1 more pallet for the flooring. then the pallets for the walls.

This is what I"ve come up with so far with the current Flooring..
I figure I'll go 2 palles high. should be tall enough. Still not sure if i'll try a slanted roof. or just a flat roof. I don't think it will matter much.

If i Keep it how it is now. That is where I"ll put the door.
TO the left of it. is that small square. that will be the opening to get into the Wire outside run.
To the right is the "under the porch coop" wich is Shaded and all dirt.. of course There is a door for me to get into that. a well as If you see on the chicken wire in front of my Little girl.. will be opening For them to go from the Porch coop. to the House.
So now they will be able to choose if they want to go out in the grass. or go in the shade.. will be pleanty of room if we get any Silky Hens. There will be pleanty of space to get away from our current Girl and whatever chicks we keep..

I will add to this blog as I Add to the Chicken's house.
it wont be to fancy. just something a non "carptner" person like me can do without much skill.
Here is more of a Expelnation of the layout.

I decided to Download Google Sketch.. and This is the "floor plan" I came up with. I hope you can Get a idea of My vision

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