Suburban Homesteader Wannabe

By itsren · Apr 20, 2012 · Updated May 1, 2013 · ·
  1. itsren

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  1. casencourt
    I love all your pictures! I just got my littles this past weekend. They should be 5 weeks and 1 day, but they look smaller than your five week pictures. This makes me wonder about the lady that sold them to me. I know for sure that they won't look like that last picture in two weeks. There is no way! I'm hoping she didn't sell me bantams. They are happy and healthy and that's all that matters even if I don't know for sure how old they are! Keep up the bloggin! I can't wait to see your coop.
  2. (sub)UrbanCoop
    I have to say your Easter Egger looks like my girl! The red one with black feathers on her back! Is that your EE? You can see a picture of my Big Mama to the left. We used to live out in Seattle until 3.5 years ago when we moved back to the deep south. Your girls look great. Good luck on the coop. I purchased one off Ebay that has worked fine, but I will definitely build the next one to meet my needs. Now that I know what they are.
  3. CarolynF
    I totally LOVE your chicken tractor! Wish I thought of making one that way!!!
  4. ChickAudie
    Ha! Barak O'Brahma! Bagawk O'Brahma? That is, too funny!
    I will have to read your blog, I am not a blogger, but love to read them while I "work", learn great things!
    "The chickens dust bathe in an old roasting pan that I filled with play sand." - hystarically ironic!!

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