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Suess Henss Page

  1. Suess hens
    We brought home our new little munchkins on the 3 of May. They seem to be bonding as a family already.


    Roberta is our polish, Lucy is the Red Silkie, Cloud is the Cochin you can't see behind Lucy, and the Light Brahma is still awaiting her name
    We will be building the coop this week...try to post those pics soon.

    May 12
    I had to go and pick up some chick starter today...and they had ameraucana chicks. I couldn't help myself and hoped for the best when I brought her home. In she came. My Brahma does not seem too happy. But my Silkie, who always seems to roost with the young ones being very motherly to her. I added more food to the food troughs and they seem to be doing well together.

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