Summer 2011 Egg Hatching Project

I ordered 6 hatching eggs from MPC, an assortment of the following: Orpington, Australorp, Easter Egger, and Maran eggs. To my pleasant surprise they sent me 3 extra eggs! They were packed so carefully, which I hope gives them a better chance to hatch.
I read a thread on here that says you can wash the eggs. So I carefully unpacked each egg and wrapped them with a paper towel then placed them in an egg carton. I let them sit small side down for about 2 hours then took them over to the sink and slowly and carefully dipped each egg in warm soapy water (I was afraid to make it too hot) then rinsed each egg in the same temp water (keeping each egg held in the same small side down position they were in) blot dried them with a paper towel and placed them back into the egg carton.
This is after unpacking and before washing

This is my soapy water and after washing my eggs