My chickens are getting bigger, so I thought I would share some pics.
Here is Pearl, the big black blob on the side is my puppy Bear.
Bear likes her picture taken.
Here is Leroy my buff opington roo.
CopyofIMG_1155.jpg CopyofIMG_1157.jpg
Leroy like his picture taken too.
CopyofIMG_1159.jpg Crystal runs like i am paparrazzi.
Well thats all for now. will do more soon.
Well it is Labor Day so I took some pics.
IMG_1170.jpg This is Mary.
IMG_1175.jpg Leroy, he such a male.
IMG_1183.jpg Chrystal is purely beautiful
IMG_1187.jpg Dog and chickens do get along.
IMG_1190.jpg Here is Mary and Gary, she loves to ride on the golf cart.