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By Roxannemc · May 26, 2012 · Updated Jun 10, 2012 ·
  1. Roxannemc
    My second tractor coop for SUMMER...

    The "girls" love this one and all 11 large girls fit in it fine In fact they usually all sit on the top most roost a piece of 2x2 with more rounded edges.

    ...GRANDMAS on the cheap... SUMMER COOP project .
    I am cheap as blazes would love to make this for free but ...oh well.. bought only what i absolutely HAD to
    I am a grandma retiree doing it myself so the fact it got done by me at all is the thing.even this crude version
    Also built the run and other coop. Sadly NONE LOOK fantastic but they work

    After looking at lots and lots on BYC ideas.... I planned in my head for an AIRY summer coop ,
    lots of hardware cloth areas for venting ,
    Rectangular this time
    That triangular one was a real bear for me to do even if it saved a few 2x2's.too.Now done and too small inside for all my chickens to roost well.
    .2x4' but no room at the topand barel yenough at the middle for all to roost.IFthey all can

    This Coop is 2"x4'X 2' tall
    4 ' tall with the legs.
    MATERIAL( mostly Lowes)
    .8 -2x2's(9 if you use for bracing) about 16.00
    1- 1x2, about$ 1.75
    1 piece of untreated plywood (2 would be ideal if you didnt use as much of the hardware cloth,)-,$16.00
    8' Hardware cloth -10.32
    2 -3" wheels about $8
    2 boxes of star head 3" screws- $20.00
    One set of small hinges.$2.89

    Total i think about $74.93
    Hasps and sundry for latches
    You wont use all of the star head screws but more than one box or get a large box( $32 Lowes)..
    Also some kind of wood etc for the perches,
    (I used one 2x2 and one piece of found bamboo that was a tomato stake, for variety of size)Could use a tree limb too

    Wood for the hen door... or the piece you removed when cutting it out.
    Small 4- 5 inches blocks of 2x4 for the wheel bases
    2x2's for leg braces too
    .Ramp I used scraps.

    What iwould change.. shoerte screws, thcker legs 2x4's as mving stresses such thin legs.

    Lower back side has hardware cloth stapled to it .Doesnt show well.
    Top sides slit windows are also hardware cloth AND the whole floor too for good summer ventilation

    Wheels on
    Boy what a difference
    Need some for the first tractor coop too.Its like pushing a big rock around now without.

    I used 3 " screws ..(God bless a screw for being so mistakes forgiving WORTH the money). but many places they were too long and at $10 a box of about 20-30 I am too cheap to buy 2 or 3 sizes .

    BUT what to do to keep the girls from getting poked?

    Came up with this idea. Elmers Glue on the head points It shouldnt be poison as its kid safe.
    Need a few applications, let each dry, but it works fine
    I know,I know!! Cut them off
    That is hard work on say 15-20 screws.Do i even have the blade? and its HOT and humid out.....and i am lazy,older and a weakling so this was easy.Cant really tell until you touch it how well it works[​IMG]


    Was afraid wheels were too hard for my meager ability

    But bought some(Lowes) that spin around 360 degrees like a carts wheels and mount flat to a piece of wood.
    Mounted them and screwed that 4 inch piece of 2x4 with the wheels onto the front corners of the coop bottom 2x2's

    The wheels are really small maybe 3-4 " dia. but can carry the weigh of 125lbs I was skeptical they would be big enough but its rolling even when i dont want it too.
    Maybe should have gotten the ones with the brakes after all.

    I think i need more leg bracing . Should use two- 2x2 for each or 4 pieces of 2x4 ( one- 2x4.).but was trying to stay as light as possible .
    Bracing helps the 2x2's a lot .(2 braces are of found wood but one too rotted... (pic left) and broke as i moved the coop)

    Next day.... Almost done



    They went right in to get the noodle treat at dusk and got comfy for the night YEA!!
    .Was worried they needed to get use to it but a few noodles scattered on the HWC mesh floor and they were in and then on roosts looking out at me like" Well shut the door,Fool!"
    Only 2 went to the old coop .Looking in this window slit at the 9 there is room for all 11 for sure to sleep...
    Its just 2 x 4 ' and 2 'high but they seem to have plenty of room 2 roost 4 'long.

    A few tweeks...Almost there ...
    Doors and latches on from found items.
    Bolt & nut for locking . WALLAH Coon proofing,.or can they unscrew a nut?
    (PIC BELOW).
    Left the hardware cloth on without cutting yet
    Might add more wood edging over it rather than cutting it off since i didnt staple the bottoms just screwed the board over the cloth .More safety measures
    Might Add a shutter for the southwest slit window where the rains comes from,This coop is nice and cool and ventilated really well.

    My" lock"

    The door doesnt fit the run opening well so cant open down INTO the pen like the other coop door does. .Have to move the coop away from the run and THEN open or shut it.A pain... Might change that, its way Awkward

    Below ; Pen door and coop door face each other(DUH) not a good idea,.

    BELOW;Run showing both doorways into the run,.

    Whats all the junky plastic painting tarp for ?
    Plastic looks crappy but it is shading the hens from the sun part way but Keeps blowing around .Windy and hot the last few days.

    I have 2 tree limb perchs in the run.One by the ladder. One on this close end.
    Hung with thin wire but they love to get on top of the dog carrier.GO FIGURE..
    (They do use the perches too.)(
    Later disguarded the ladder as they use the perch or just fly in!!!

    My ugly things(Ok i admit it...MORE "Mistakes" )..

    Below; coop front.
    Yes i know!! The lock is off center. It was getting really late last night,misquitos eating my ankles and last thing i did before the chicks could go in .
    Put the bottom part of the hasp on first so had to match it with the top and this is where it was able to fit together..OFF CENTER.

    Dont like how I pieced the hardware cloth .Pieced so looks sort of bad....Well VERY bad but nobody wil see (JUST all BYC!)

    .Also the front is wider on one side.(yeah i know!)
    That is so i can manuever it and works well.

    I am VERY VERY impressed with those ppl on BYC who do it all alone SO WELL.....TRULY.I just dont know how they do it

    Might fix the bottom booboo with some EVENLY applied nice wood edging


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  1. Nardo
    "Doing it alone"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Aug 14, 2018
    Good job on this tractor using repurposed materials. Good idea to give the list for what is needed also. I am curious how they all fit on a 4 foot roost. Is there any way to make two short connecting rods so they can have more roost room? In other words, make a U shape inside so that the roosts run along the long wall (where I believe it is now) and also along the two short 2 foot sides? Just wondering.
  2. PNW_Peepers
    "Way too small!"
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Jul 1, 2018
    11 hens is to many for something this small.


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