Hello my name is Laurie

I started with 5 Red Star Laying hens in February 2010
~Sparky, Big Mama, Farah, Lil Red, and Sicky- (deceased)~
(They run the coop)

They were so happy to have their new home, they checked out their new coop and run immediately!

About 2 weeks later i decided i needed more hens
3 Buff Orpington
~Holly, Bridget, Kendra~

The same time i also brought home 3 Mixed breed
I think EE and Silkie mix(maybe)

she has what looks like a fancy hat (feathers) on top of her head

~Lil One~
this is Lil One and Fancy--Lil One on the left, (I love their feathery hats)

About 2 weeks later i got 3 Easter Egger's
~Black Velvet (velvet)~(the sweetheart)

~Goldie~ (the shy one)

~Grandma~ (Beautiful light blue egg layer)

Some of our eggs

Bluebonnets in the run & (Sparky)