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  1. chickengrandma
    We live in Wisconsin and are having an extremely, unseasonably warm winter. Last year at this time in March we had gotten 30" of snow and it was still neck deep. This year we had a record high of 73 degrees! Here our girls are thoroughly enjoying the warm summer rays and each other. I wish I was a banty hen so I could crawl right into this sweet little pile of good-smelling-feathers!

    This is my little variety-pack of backyard chickens. We live in the city so this is all we are allowed to have. It's probably good that we have a limit! My sunbathers are: iPod (back, left corner), Sasha (sleepy girl in the back), Clover (center), Chipmunk (rust Silkie) and Penny/Kitty (gray silkie on right).

    Here are a couple of more pictures of some of the girls, just for fun:

    Carly (R.I.P) (we miss her so much)

    2-days old, fresh from My Pet Chicken

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