Lazy Sundays
What a wet old rainy day it is today. Big thunderstorm passed through last night and has continuously poured for majority of the night. This morning it tapered off a bit so i let the girls out and sure enough, righth on que, the heavens opened up and a torrential down pour sent them scurrying under the closest bush. Me being the nervous new mum went out into the rain in my PJ's and tried to usher them back into their coop. This resulted in me being saturated and them running around me like it was some sort of "catch and Kiss" game. Ultimately they stayed under the bush and i dragged my wet behind back in doors and continued to watch from a window. After a quick post on here, turns out chickens don't mind the rain. Who would have thought! Well, yes i guess you the reader probably already knew that. They are back in their coop now as the rain continues to fall. They are both sporting Tom Cruise gelled up hair styles (picture Top Gun) from the wet but im sure it will dry on its own accord.

On an egg note, no eggs today. Patience is a virtue.

Heres a pic of one of the girls with her new wet hair-do and my hard working gate keeper who makes sure that the girls don't get too unruley.